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Manga where guy has a lot of trouble confessing

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2:20 am, Apr 12 2012
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Hey guys! This has probably been asked at some point but I'm looking for a manga to read, oneshot or full series, where a guy really likes a girl but is too ridiculously shy to confess to her. I've looked through "boy falls in love first," and "shy boy," categories, just wondering if I missed any.

Examples include:

Syouran - Card Captor Sakura
...Arima? - School Rumble (guy with the sunglasses)
(forget the name) - Chohatsu baby (1st sidestory)
most of the ones from .........something something Bus (whole bunch of cute oneshots revolving around a bus stop)
Izark (kinda) - From Far Away

Also does anyone know which manga chapter AND anime episode of School Rumble is the one that tells the backstory of the delinquent guy and Tenma-chan and why he wears sunglasses and has facial hair?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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2:25 am, Apr 12 2012
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maybe GE

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3:13 am, Apr 12 2012
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5:49 pm, Apr 12 2012
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I immediately thought of I"s. The main character really likes this girl, but he always does things he regrets in front of her, making him look cold.

I also suggest Pastel, Kanojo to Natsu to Boku (one-shot), School Days and Ichigo 100%.

I think the delinquent's name in School Rumble is Harima.

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6:33 pm, Apr 12 2012
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Koi dano Ai dano

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Ginga Bishounen

6:37 pm, Apr 12 2012
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I recommend Pastel as well.

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6:48 pm, Apr 12 2012
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Bitter Virgin
Flowers of Evil

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