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Reincarnation to another world

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Post #553058 - Reply to (#552926) by silencecomes
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1:32 am, May 27 2012
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Unless this occurred within the last 4 volumes, I don't see it happening.

Of course, regardless of whether the series fits or not, I don't suggest you read Id. It's boring.

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1:45 am, May 27 2012
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does it have to be specifically about using the talent they acquire in the present world to be used in the historic world?
If not, maybe Anata ga Ireba will fit?

Help! I'm looking for... manga with dangerous guys ge=1#post594033
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6:07 am, May 28 2012
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Wow...thank you for all your lovely recommendations ^^
Mahoutsukai no Neko sounds like it fits the bill...i shall definitely check it out. biggrin

NG Life, Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to, and most of the others I have already read...

I'll consider Angel Beats after listening to your explanation, thanks reid1.

Keep them coming.....^^;

I believe that the best mangas are still out there, waiting to be discovered.
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6:54 am, May 28 2012
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Feng Yu Jiu Tian (Novel) - fits story-wise...but well it's a novel and yaoi

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6:08 am, May 29 2012
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Hmm....not really a yaoi fan but, I"ll check it out since it fits the description smile

I believe that the best mangas are still out there, waiting to be discovered.
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The Living Paradox

1:13 pm, Sep 6 2014
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Mushoku Tensei - Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu originally a web novel but is now being released as a manga

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2:31 pm, Sep 6 2014
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2:28 am, Sep 12 2014
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Sort of not really Vampire Game.

If you don't mind stories where the MC is shipped to a different world magically, but isn't necessarily reincarnated, but still manages to do awesome stuff with his/her memories:

Fushigi Yuugi / Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden (I haven't read these, but I'd assume they apply)
From a Distant Time (Started it + it wasn't really my thing, but tastes differ so)
Red River (in one minor scene, FMC uses her knowledge of vaccinations to indirectly help treat (it's only implied) a rampant fever/plague)

I don't really want to flood the forums with gratuitous Korean, so let me PM you a list of kLNs that you may or may not have read (hopefully the latter) because Q_Q I can't think of any manga that 100% fits your criteria.

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7:13 am, Sep 12 2014
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Drifters Protagonist was sent to another world.
Gunjou Senki Travel back to the past

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7:20 am, Sep 12 2014
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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Web Novel)
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (Web Novel/Light Novel/Manga)
Souen No Historia ~Tensei Shitsuji no Nichijou~ (Web Novel)

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7:32 am, Sep 12 2014
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Novel, manga and anime

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11:01 am, Sep 12 2014
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Mushoku Tensei definitely fits all of your requests. here is what i have to say about the series:

The novels are AMAZING. I've never actually read web novels before because i thought they were long and boring but let me just say that i'm only at chapter 64 and i'm addicted. i tried the manga after and its a total letdown that is rushed, cramped, and drops almost all of the details(60-70%). so if you're serious about starting Mushoku Tensei then this is where you should start.

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penguin king

12:58 pm, Sep 12 2014
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second Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Novel)
and Mushoku Tensei (Novel)

and i'll add Slime Tensei Monogatari (Novel)

the first technically doesnt apply to being reborn into the other world. but give the story a chapter or two and you'll see that it's surprisingly well fitting. the char grows and evolves into someone entirely different. very similar feeling.

last one unfortunately only has a few chaps but it seems like it'll be updated semi-regularly.(btw all of these are novels)

Few favs
Kyou kara ore wa!!, Mx0, Angel Densetsu, Skip Beat, Ai Kora, The Devil King is Bored

Hana to Akuma, No bra, Shinigami Trilogy, kindan no koi de ikou, Usagi Drop, Threads of Time, Girl Friends

Most under rated:
Kindan no koi de ikou, kyou kara ore wa!.
m0r l83r... maybe >_>
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HI all

3:04 pm, Sep 12 2014
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No Game No Life

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