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Tough girl, time travel, medieval Japan, romance

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10:01 pm, Jun 15 2012
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I'm looking for a manga with a tough girl--meaning she can take care of herself, or she doesn't cry immediately or is so pathetic people have no choice but to take pity on her and help--in which she goes back in time for some reason and ends up in medieval Japan. I don't mind if it ends up not romance or not, but if it is, I'd like the MC t o not to fall head over heels with the love interest and go into a 180 personality turn into a "I can't live without you" type of person. Plot would be a plus!

Thank you!

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10:19 pm, Jun 15 2012
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shinobi life

kanata kara this is travel to alternate world but its still worth the read. She is kinda 'emotional' at first but its only the first chapter and she gets so much stronger.
anatolia story this is where she travels to the mediteranian. also kinda weak at the begining but she gets better.

hope this is helpful biggrin

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10:43 pm, Jun 15 2012
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Not sure if it's what you're looking for but you could always try Sengoku Strays

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the Mist Dragon

11:51 pm, Jun 15 2012
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Saver Though she doesn't end up in Japan. And she pretends to be a man.

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2:37 am, Jun 16 2012
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Thank you so much, everyone!

I'm going to check those out. 8">b

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Just another otaku

2:51 am, Jun 16 2012
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sengoku strays
it's so freaking good

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7:17 pm, Jun 16 2012
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I definitely second Saver!!!

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7:32 pm, Jun 16 2012
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Kurozuka This one is epic man... really epic. There is a mix of medieval and sci fi.
The anime is great to... There is no time travel the way you mean maybe... but the story takes place in different times and eras

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3:32 am, Jun 21 2012
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You could try Crazy Girl Shin Bia. It has about everything you've asked for.

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4:10 am, Jun 21 2012
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Amakusa 1637

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5:50 am, Jun 21 2012
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Only one I can think that hasn't already been mentioned is Ryo

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