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A love triangle where...

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5:25 am, Aug 31 2012
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Well, I'm looking for two things. Either is fine. Both is a plus.

1. A love triangle in which the girl is dark-haired and ends up with the dark-haired guy. Always one for aesthetics.

2. A manga in which the girl, during a tough spot with her love interest actually chooses to switch (permanently) to the nice guy who offered solace.

Note: I'd prefer female leads that aren't extremely pathetic, but just that sort of twist to a story would be nice enough to look over a few extra character flaws. Yes, the nice guy is kind of playing dirty in this situation, but so be it. I've never actually seen this happen (though the situation to make the choice is in about every single manga with a rival love interest). The nice guy needs competition, but the guy the MC is into does not have to be a complete jerk.

Okay, actually I lied.

My third prompt is this:

(Which may conveniently coexist with one and two), where the girl and guy share similar interests. I really despise the "opposites attract" idea.

Examples are Mimi wo Sumaseba or Cherish. I really find it adorable when they do the same hobbies together.

If you could please list suggestions my section, that would be great. I believe I have my lists public (not that I've gotten to adding every single thing I've read...), but if they aren't, please let me know. Though please note that about at least a third of what I read, I didn't necessarily like. Nevertheless, please list everything you can think of that satisfies one or more of the three above prompts.

Thanks in advance!

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7:08 am, Aug 31 2012
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You can google "manga where girl ends up with nice guy" and that turns up some forum threads/hits.

For your dark hair thing,
Matsuri Special:
Paradise Kiss:
Alice 19th:
Kimi ni Todoke:

The first two are series where she switches love interests from the jerkface to the 'nicer' one, I think. Things sorta like that:

Yaya (manhwa):
Piece of Cake:
A mature josei about a girl getting *away* from a guy who was bad for her--not quite what you were looking for, I think..

Kimi Shika Iranai:

The shared interests thing:

Max Lovely:
I guess they don't have the same hobby, but the main couple has a lot in common and are good friends first, which I rather like:

and more to look up:
Oishii Kankei (cooking)
Genshiken (otaku culture)
Nodame Cantabile (music)--although this is definitely "opposites attract"
VB Rose (fashion/dress-making)
Mixed Vegetables (cooking)
Ashita no Ousama (theater)
Beauty Pop (hairdressers/beauticians)
Matsuri Special above also fits this (wrestling)
Ingenuo (photography)

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8:16 am, Aug 31 2012
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Tonari no Atashi

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11:44 am, Aug 31 2012
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Shared interests
Pika Ichi
I'm not sure about the first 2 aspects but the 2 main characters are REALLY similar.
I dropped this manga because I cannot stand how identical their interests are(which is what you are looking for).

Post #568340 - Reply to (#568229) by PrincessVera

12:13 am, Sep 1 2012
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@ PrincessVera: I have looked up the nice guy ending, but the lists (all eight threads) have fallen short for me. I don't feel that there is enough competition, and the situation that they find is not really what I'm looking for.

And your choices are pretty ironic smile - Made me forget that I haven't added everything to my lists.

The only one I haven't read (or am reading) on your list is Genshiken, but thank you so much for the recommendation. I think I might start with the anime though. (I've heard quite a bit about it).

And I don't particularly mean to be picky (well, I guess I do), but I believe I specified a love triangle alongside the dark hair and/or choosing the nice guy in a particular situation (see above), with the exception of the third prompt.

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Shoujo is a waste of time that makes me happy.
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