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Annoying Main Characters

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From User Message Body
Post #568460
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Peaceful Dictator™

8:16 pm, Sep 1 2012
Posts: 740

Have you ever dropped a good series because of an annoying MC and an Important supporting one?

I've gotten into the gundam series completed Wing, Turn A, Gundam 00 but dropped seed after 20 episodes because of the main character and that girl who manipulates him. now that i'm watching AGE I'm faced with the same dilemma, I'v watched 43 episodes so far and though it's not brilliant as far as Gundam goes it's still interesting; I like Flit and Asemu but can't stand Kio and i'm starting contemplating if i should drop the series.

So here are my questions
What is it with characters that want to save everyone that makes them really annoying?
have you ever dropped a series because of them?
Who are your most annoying characters and why?
What gets you he most, is it the crying, indecisiveness or the preaching?
Are there anything else that you can't stand about MC's?

I know they can be made to be fun and exciting just look at Vash from trigun he s an idealistic main character but very likable and Naruto is idealistic but people still flock to read and watch Naruto each week, though in Naruto's case he is tolerable as long as Sasuke is not in the vicinity. lol

Characters I Can't Stand
Kio Asuno (Gundam Age) If naivety was lethal he would be dead.
Suzaku (Code Gease)
Kira (Gudam seed)
Tea (Yu-gi-oh!) Friendship speeches are annoying to listen too.
Junpei Manaka(Ichigo 100%) i have yet to meet a more annoying weakling in a shounen romance.

My heart's frozen so don't tell me I've got a cold heart.
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The New Flesh
Post #568525
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7:50 am, Sep 2 2012
Posts: 103

Question 1: Because that kind of moral fortitude is rarely seen in life, and is just not realistic. And that these characters are constantly put in situations where they can't save everyone, but yet still continue to fight for a lost cause when their skills can be put to much better use.

Question 2: Not that I can think of. I don't usually read series with protagonists like that.

Question 3: The little dude in Shin Angyo Onshi. Can't remember his name. I like the other two leads, but this little shit is really starting to ruin it for me. Far too cartoony and ridiculous for a manga like this, I think. Shuya in Battle Royale bugged me quite a bit, but the supporting cast was so fantastic that he was easier to deal with.

Question 4: Preaching and incisiveness. Nothing wrong with tears, showing grief. But the preaching really gets to me, because often the characters they're preaching too are much smarter than them, and have been through a lot more. And have a perfectly well-formed sense of morality given the circumstances.

Post #568625

9:32 pm, Sep 2 2012
Posts: 130

1. Because they always turn into messiah characters and the real world doesn't work that way. We subconciously know that these people must be insane to put up with all that crap.

2. Yes, but with a number of other reasons.

3. Sakura from Code: Breaker. At first I thought it was cute before she was flanderized. People find Tohru annoying, but at least she's not a stalker and has common sense. A lot of Naruto characters, but I've given up and blame the mangaka or at least those that keep rushing him to deadlines. There's also the chick from World Embryo, but I've only started reading it and she's supposed to "grow".

4. The first two can be reasonable given the circumstances, but preaching is almost always something that ticks me off. I always wonder in my head "who the heck do you think you are?" though it's more in shounen than any other demographic and most heros are over-powered dimwits.

5. I have extreme bias toward Messiah characters as a whole. I make some exceptions due to the situations and personalities. But I really dislike those who wangst, never get called on their issues (or are easily forgiven), or are all around Mary/Gary Sues. Also, I hate it when the character becomes all-powerful or is the chosen one. Again, some exceptions. 90% of tsundere characters annoy me.

Edit: Noticed I skipped a question.

Last edited by CynicallyOp at 11:35 pm, Sep 8

I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #568761
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Noblesse Forever!

4:33 am, Sep 4 2012
Posts: 1066

1. As previousley mentioned, such a kind and ideal who is always ready to die for others doesnt exist. Even if its fiction,some amount of reality should be present.
Do you really believe someone would change his ideals suddenly after you give him such a unrealistic speech?

2. I droped Liar Game and Code Breaker; and in both cases it was thanks to the annoying female leads.

3.Naruto,Sakura and Sasuke from Naruto. Naruto is always ready to take all the pain and beatings on behalf of sasuke. His craps about friendship and ideal world really makes me sick.
And most of all, his secret weapon "Speech no Jutsu" is always ready and well it REALLY works.
Sakura for annoying personality and same goes for sasuke.
Ichigo from Bleach. For same reasons.
-----Every major shonen character who at the brink of death gains power after saying some nonsense and then defeating enemy who is several times stronger.---

4. Preaching and indecisiveness.

5. There hesitation to even harm a enemy.

Last edited by strixflash at 10:03 am, Sep 4

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Post #568789

9:24 am, Sep 4 2012
Posts: 112

School Days.
Manga/anime/Visual novel - take your pick. The main character Makoto is a complete sleezball. How can this guy be this big of an ass and still end up with so many chicks?
He has zero qualities, but apparently every girl is still hot for him.

Gah! roll

Post #568870

2:41 am, Sep 5 2012
Posts: 32

1) The saviors don't accept that some people don't want to be saved. That annoys me. Take Naruto's "I'll break every bone in your body to bring you back" bit. Why? So he can keep him prisoner in the village for the rest of Naruto's life? It really is like arguing with a door-to-door preacher who insists on saving your soul whether you like it or not. They're just doing it to make themselves feel better.

2) I've never dropped a series because of a main character. I've started skimming and fast-forwarding though all the parts featuring certain main characters, but so far there has always been at least one anti-hero per series to keep me interested.

3) Goku, from DBZ. And Ichigo from Bleach. And Naruto. Because they all cheat so blatantly it makes me sick. Goku led a happy little life on earth, but the second a super villain shows up he's stronger than everyone else "just because." Time chamber didn't work? Well, I'll just have my kid do it because if I can power-up "just because" then so can he! Wooohoo! Ichigo is actually likable until the whole power issue comes up. Then he gets to skip the death normal shinigamis have to go through to get their powers, and three years is too long to get bankai so he just nabs it in a week, and naturally his fledgling bankai is much stronger than a captain's who has been training with his for decades "just because!" How nice for him. And Naruto with his bunshin cheats. It wasn't enough that he learned the rasengen in super time "just because," nope they have to make it even easier for him to speed through training that took the sannin fifty some years to master because he's a one-trick pony whose one trick just happens to be cheating! Yay! How can I have any respect for the strength of characters who get their strength "just because" they're main characters? It's especially hard to stomach when they're set next to characters who have suffered and sold their souls for strength, and spent years and years training only to come out way behind the main character just because they're not main characters. Blegh.

4) The preaching gets me the most. Indecisiveness is good, it means they aren't hardwired to always react the same every single frickin time and some of them even hestitate long enough to learn from their mistakes instead of rushing right in like a moron as if they haven't realized that's just going to lead to them being b*tch slapped until they get stronger just because. And the crying is the closest thing to human they get, even if it does get embarrassing when they cry over the wrong person.

5) The "talk them into changing their ways" plot device. It seems to be used almost exclusively by main characters and I hate it. Oh, he talked to me, here I'll bring everyone I killed back to life to show how sorry I am and how grateful I am that you showed me the right path. Friends? Yay. I accept crap like that in shows for little girls because it's supposed to be cutesy and unrealistic, but I don't want it in my shounen series. Here's a series full of murder and torture and sadistic experimentation and all of a sudden we have the "he talked to me! Now I'm a good guy, yay!" crap? Why? Why do that? You might as well give the main character a pillow and let him have a pillow fight with his enemy till they're giggling together over their silly argument and all is forgiven.

Post #569119

7:40 am, Sep 7 2012
Posts: 1041 makes them annoying becouse you know that you can never do what they do[your own failure of a human being makes you disslike them] they are pure and firnddly and see the good in even the most evil...i usualy like these characters for all these reasons somestimes goes too far...but i usualy dont mind untill the badguys that are "saved" actually turn good...massmurdering pedophiles usualy dont turn into goodguys[they deserve to be helped but when they change in a matter of 10pages after the hero beats him annoys me]

3.most annoying for being a nice guy...Touma from the ToAru novels...he is contradicting himself and his goodness feels so false that he almost feel evil
Kiibo from Tough beats up murders and have some shitty speach and then they are goodguys

4.Touma is constantly preaching and if not to someone then to himself...the preaching to themselfes characters are probably the worst

5.well...rapists,pedophiles,animal abusers are the main characters i disslike the most..[especially when they are portrayed as the "good guys"]
but goodguys like Gon from HxH really piss me off sometimes...braindead,super strong,adventure at his feet,godlike powers but all he wants is to meet his father who abandoned him and tell him how much he looks up to him...a normal person would want to find his idiotic father and beat him to death for just leaving him for fun adventures

Post #569123 - Reply to (#568460) by westsiders2
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8:33 am, Sep 7 2012
Posts: 380

Quote from westsiders2
Characters I Can't Stand
Tea (Yu-gi-oh!) Friendship speeches are annoying to listen too.

You should really watch the abridged series. Then you'll find friendship speeches hilarious instead. biggrin

User Posted Image
Post #569821 - Reply to (#569123) by Pebble_
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Peaceful Dictator™

10:20 am, Sep 13 2012
Posts: 740

Quote from Pebble_
You should really watch the abridged series. Then you'll find friendship speeches hilarious instead. biggrin

i used to along with the naruto and dbz abridged.

another thing that gets me annoyed are the self righteous characters who lack a back bone. i mean if you're gonna gonna be an ass, might as well be good at it.
i feel most of these character who want to save everyone are doing so selffishly so they can ssave themselves the pain of loosing someone.

My heart's frozen so don't tell me I've got a cold heart.
User Posted Image.
Post #569897

12:16 am, Sep 14 2012
Posts: 90

I have to admit, I can't read Itazura na kiss because the main guy. I don't mind stoic characters but I can't stand how he treats the main girl's feelings. It's so cyclic too. I mean, first he doesn't care and then when the girl shows the signs of giving up or another guy shows up, he does something romantic that shows he's interested too. Which restarts her attempt again, only for him to start acting as if he doesn't care again.It's like he has a narcisstic need to know she's chasing after him while he himself shows no inclination to admit he cares about her, chasing after other girls. And he never explains why. In love, emotions gets hurt and mixed feelings happen but he was just plain cruel about it.

Post #571446

9:50 am, Sep 26 2012
Posts: 127

i already drop such manga
1. minamoto-kun monogatari
2. kiimi no iru machi
3. nozoki ana
ALLL the protagonist in these series SUCKS

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