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BL versions of shojo mangas

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8:51 am, Sep 3 2012
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I'm just wondering, is all.

I was just thinking, "I would read Absolute Boyfriend if it as a BL title."

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3:51 am, Sep 16 2012
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Seven Days is a BL version of a shoujo romance. The story wouldn't be any different IMO if it were a boy/girl couple.

Is that what you're asking?

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6:29 am, Sep 16 2012
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I'd read a BL version of Kimi Ni Todoke and Dengeki Daisy. I've seen Loveless compared to DD but its much darker, twisted, and has magic.

Love Neco sort of reminded me of a bl version of Absolute Boyfriend but without the crappy ending.

Aitsu no Daihonmei and Little Butterfly seemed a little shoujo-ish to me. Probably not really what you're talking about :/

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2:24 am, Sep 17 2012
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Quote from Whatever
I'd read a BL version of Kimi Ni Todoke ..

what is the BL version?

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3:13 am, Sep 17 2012
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Basically, most shoujo can and do have a BL version. The only plot that seems to be exclusive to BL is the 'I'm a guy so we can't be together' plot. 'Rape is love' plot also seems to be more forgivable in BL.

(BL = boys love, aka male/male relationship)

For example Kimi ni Todoke reminds me of Bukiyou na Silent although granted it's not really similar.

Just at the top of my head, Absolute Boyfriend reminds me of Kiss me, Master by Asou Mizuho.

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7:20 am, Oct 17 2012
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Oh, I was just wondering because shojo romances tend to have decent plotting...if you want to think that, but I don't like the females in them. That and I was just curious if like...a yaoi author did something similar.

Maybe should've asked about decent BL titles...oh well. I limit myself too much, only reading what I can buy in the US.

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12:08 am, Jul 22 2014
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There's already a good amount of BL undertone in Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitte Iru with the whole girl-to-boy reincarnation backstory but I would definitely still read/watch it the girl/guy was a guy to begin with.

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5:46 am, Jul 22 2014
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These are licensed and decent (IMO):

Gorgeous Carat - Kurayami no Bitoku
Mainichi Seiten!
Sakende Yaruze!
Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitte Iru
second Seven Days and Little Butterfly

Edit: Wah, this request is about 2 years old. pookaloo, you fooled me! laugh

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