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Looking for magical girl anime (2000ish)

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1:24 pm, Oct 21 2012
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for an anime that I watched in the early 2000 while on a vacation to Belgium (it must have been a French network, maybe Cartoon Network France or something similar).
I only watched it a few times during the rather short trip, so I don't remember the title or names of the main characters.
It was about three girls with each having different colors to their suits. I remember one of them being blonde.
In one episode, the evil enemy of the girls (a woman who owned a panther or some similar huge cat) walked down a staircase in which she had genially "hidden" a huge red (?) button, which, if the girls stepped on it, would transform the staircase into a skid where the girls would then slide down.
I think the evil woman laughed rather maniacally as she explained all this to her cat.
Anyway, later that episode the girls ran down the staircase and (surprise, surprise) stepped on the hidden button.
When they slid down, they reached a hole (I think) that led to the ocean, which was when they transformed into mermaids and swam.

I don't remember anything else.
If anyone knows this anime, please tell me! I've been looking for it for ages, having found Cat's Eye and the American Cartoon with the three girls in suits, but they couldn't transform into mermaids.
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2:24 pm, Oct 21 2012
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Pichi Pichi Pitch is all I can think of.

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3:47 pm, Oct 21 2012
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Nope. I know Pichi Pichi Pitch and read it but it's not the one I'm looking for no
Thanks anyway.

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12:50 am, Oct 25 2012
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This probably is not right, but it sounds a lot like Totally Spies!-- at least that's what popped into my mind. I'm also assuming this is not the American cartoon you mentioned? Since its Franco-Canadian.!
The mermaid thing may have only been for that episode.

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1:58 am, Oct 25 2012
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Mahou Kishi Rayearth aside from Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon belong to my Mahou Shoujo 2000ish knowledge.

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2:25 am, Oct 25 2012
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I didn't watch the entire episodes, but maybe Wedding Peach or Tokyo Mew Mew?

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2:48 am, Oct 25 2012
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sounds like one of the precure series, was gonna say cutey honey but that one only has one magical girl.

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3:10 am, Oct 25 2012
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Sounds like Sailor Moon to me.

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2:42 pm, Oct 25 2012
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I think it's Ojamajo Doremi (also called Magical DoReMi).

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6:57 pm, Oct 26 2012
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I know all of these series you mentioned and I watched them, but they're not the one I'm looking for >.<

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7:27 pm, Oct 26 2012
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Are you 100% sure it was an anime and not for example an american cartoon like the The Powerpuff Girls? Or something European like Winx Club (vaguely remember a mermaid episode in it, but I don't know if it aired in France and I don't think it could be this one)? Did the drawings look the typical Japanese shoujo art?
Do you remember the age of the magical girls (because that's could really narrow down the search, they were about the age of Doremi characters or teenagers like in Mermaid Melody?)? Because, aside Tokyo Mew Mew which I'm pretty sure it isn't, every famous Japanese mahou shoujo aired in Europe in the 2000-05 have been already mentioned. It could still be something obscure though.

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7:51 pm, Oct 26 2012
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Could it be DoReMi

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10:21 am, Oct 27 2012
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I'm 100% sure it's none of the animes you mentioned and none of the cartoons either. It could of course be an american cartoon, but I've watched Winx Club, Powerpuff Girls and Totally Spies and the one I'm looking for is different.

The girls were more mature than the DoReMi girls or the Powerpuff Girls and the blonde one had wavy hair which was held in a ponytail. And I would guess that the characters were also older than the girls from Totally Spies, although their age wasn't explicitly mentioned in the episode.

And I don't think the series was particularly popular. I never heard of it afterwards and there wasn't a single dvd release in France that reminded me of the series so it might also have been dropped after a short period of time.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't that popular because I was quite thorough in watching every single popular anime in Europe at that time. Plus, the series never made it to Germany (I checked the main station's archives for the mention of an anime/cartoon series that vaguely ressembled this one, but I couldn't find it).

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10:59 am, Oct 27 2012
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I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's Princess Gwenivere and the Jewel Riders. Also called Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders. I've only watched a few episodes myself, and never saw a mermaid episode. But they did have one. l_Riders

Edit: I'm 100% sure it's Princess Gwenevere. The evil lady matches your description, and they only have 3 girls throughout the whole series, which Gwenevere/Starla being the blonde with a ponytail.

I'm surprised they were showing it in the 2000's though, considering it was a 90's cartoon that wasn't too popular. I never saw it on TV. All I had was my VHS, which I think my mom gave away.

Edit 2: There's only 2 seasons to the series, but there's a novel series loosely based on it called Avalon: Web of Magic. I've yet to read those novels, so I don't know if they're good or not.

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11:00 am, Oct 27 2012
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Here are a few questions I'd like for you to answer if possible:

1. Do you remember the Genre(s) of the anime?
2. Do you have any Tag(s) you would give to the anime?
3. Do you remember if there were any other characters, or if any of the girls in the series was the protagonist?
4. Are you positive that this was released in the year 2000?
5. Are you positive that this is an anime?
6. Can you recall how many episodes there were, or if there were few or many.
7. Can you remember the STYLING in the anime, for example:
In [anime-name], the characters look like [this], the art looks, or can be
related to [this].

8. Can you recall what audience the anime targeted? For example:
Adults, Teens, Pre-teens, Kids | [Male] / [Female]
9. If you can't recall #8 at all, does it have blood or anything of the sort? [Skip this if you answered #8]
10. Do you have any more information about this anime that you can share?

Please take your time to answer these questions if you will, and I will do what I can to help you.



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