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Non-Cinderella Romance

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Post #590608

12:08 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 191


I've never been a fan of Cinderella-style love stories, especially after chugging down a bunch of shoujos = =;;. I either get mad at the girl for being an airhead and selfish and simply not deserving, or I get mad at the girl for being such a macho and falling in love with the guy that bullies her "out of affection". Other times... I pity that childhood friend or whoever that obviously loves the guy or girl more.

I believe that dumb girls are for dumb guys, the rich are for the nobles, and dreaming of Cinderella story that one day they will have a Prince-on-White-Horse to pick them up for no reason is plain out of line, unaware of their own position and rank. That means: no ugly girl x the prince of the school, no revolutionary love between the dumbest girl and the heir of some humongous company, no childish guys who like to bully and badmouth the girl they like in public, and definitely no falling in love for the simple reason that their partner is "simple" and "different from others and treats me normally despite blah blah blah". Also, I dislike those that close themselves up and/or get a trauma from some minor things. Even more so if they only appear like that on the outside, but cowardly waiting for someone to save them. Hmm... some might explain that as delicate, cute, and innocent though? Not me. Oh and! No tsunderes, they just have absolutely no respect for anyone. All they know is taking advantage of others affections and can't do anything alone.

To put it in one word, I suppose rather than "love", I prefer compatibility. Both in personality and physically, as well as the society around them.

Uh... it's kinda hard to think of a perfect example. Maybe:
Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang

There's alot that I can name that doesn't fit though:
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Suki tte Ii Na Yo
I can go on and on, for most part, shoujos are most likely in this category. I don't know why so many little girls look up to in my view a slut like Cinderella... sorry, NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE! I just needed to say that once.

Also, no ecchi at all since they distort what would have been a pretty human body, no yaoi since I don't want to see the details of male bottom half, and anything Korean is manhwa. Rape, shounen-ai are both fine, as well as anything else you can think of probably.

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Post #590609
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Black Rabbit

12:20 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 79

I already like you XD

I don't know if you've already read it but I will recommend 1/2 Prince, both the novels and the manhua. No Cinderella story there. Although Feng Lan can be rather thick in the head, she's not exactly stupid either. The novels are better if you're looking for her more intelligent side though.

I'll be back, let me dig up what I can for you ^_^

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Post #590611 - Reply to (#590609) by elementalblood

12:52 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 191

Quote from elementalblood
I already like you XD

I don't know if you've already read it but I will recommend 1/2 Prince, both the novels and the manhua. No Cinderella story there. Although Feng Lan can be rather thick in the head, she's not exactly stupid either. The novels are better if you're looking for her more intellige ...

Already read both the novels and the manhua, only thing I haven't is that extra volume about their kids that I've been having trouble finding. One of my first mangas, kept rereading it lol.

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Post #590615
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1:50 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 23

Sakamichi no Apollon Its been a while since if read this. But I remember that its a really good story and very meaningful. The romance stayed light and sweet and most importantly I don't recall any Cinderella-like themes in it. I'd recommend you take a look though smile

Post #590618

2:02 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 9

I dunno. You might like Hetakoi, though it can be a bit frustrating. I guess it's technically ecchi, because it has some nudity/sex, but that really isn't the focus, and it isn't in every chapter.

Post #590619
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The Main

2:12 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 46

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime It's a very nice manga with the characters bieng very compatible and a likeable heroine.

Anouther one is (you might not like it.) is Tamago no Kimi. the male love interest is a little egoistic but stupid. It's a very sweet and funny manga with a cinderella touch.

Please buy the manga your reading online when it becomes available in your area, cos if you don't it just fu**$ us all :].
Post #590621
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3:15 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 312

Li Ren Man, main couple is strong and stubborn while the other is all lovey-dovey. In the manga
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Basically they are trying to dominate each other, already being deeply in love.

Don't be fooled by the art, it's a good manga.

Yume no Shizuku, Ougon no Torikago is along the same lines, the problem is that the main heroine is mentally so strong that
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
this leads to a love triangle between quite good male leads

Post #590622

3:16 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 535

Keishicho Tokuhanka 007 maybe?
I havent read both works that you mentioned so i kinda guess

Help! I'm looking for... manga with dangerous guys ge=1#post594033
Post #590624
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3:35 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 97

how about...
Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono >>> i just love stoic heroine
Bokura no Kiseki >> i love the princess, though it's basically not pointing the romance (and how can i ignore the princess that has been reincarnated as a boy??!!) bigrazz the female characters in here are also unique in some ways. i like Rida~~~ (sorry, i feel i must say that)

i wanna suggest Shinigamihime no Saikon actually. the princess is so plain hilarious. she never mad although she is badmouthed or being taunted. she can pay back those.... in a most awesome way. the 'Prince' is a tyrant, in most awesome ways. but the setting in 'cinderella' plot, though it is so twisted i can compare to any other 'cinderella-like' manga. so, it depends on you. smile

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Post #590625
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3:38 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 315

Horimiya perhaps


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Post #590627
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3:58 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 389

So a non idealist main character huh? A tough one...Try :

Warau Kanoko-sama (there's one chapter with a little mermaid theme though..) or the sequel Koi Dano Ai Dano

Basara a gender blend, classic shoujo, I am sure there is no" i wanna be like cinderella", old art style though so...(1992 best shojo for a reason though...)

Tonari no Megane-kun is a light-heart, blubbly read

Ally of Justice not revolved around romance, but the characters are good

Kanata Kara ? the characters fit each other, but the main guy the "how do i treat her" type...its the old art style... (any of Hikawa Kyouko works are filled with characters that complemented each other like Miriam)

Dengeki Daisy it speaks for itself... (though there are some chapters where the main charcter is portrayed as weak "im always being protected" but she's different, funny more like it XD)

Shinigami Hime no Saikon the main character is funny (you dont know whether she's acting like an idiot, doing on purpose, or if she really is who she acts)

Post #590631

4:25 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 191

Maybe I phrased something wrong? @.@

There weren't that many that fits, most I've already read.

Akagami no Shirayukihime I guess fits, and it's a good manga either ways. Bokura no Kiseki, it's not really focused on romance, but I guess... it'll fit. Well, both, as well as others, doesn't necessarily NOT fit, just isn't exactly what I'm looking for.
Honestly, and I did make myself clear I'm looking for NON Cinderella stuff right? >.< Not the other way round.
Kanata Kara and Tamago no Kimi for example can be as far as it can be. It actually crossed my mind to list Kanata Kara as what I was not looking for... but anyways, read both of them too.
Warau Kanoko-sama and Koi Dana Ai Dano both have interesting (and very similar) protagonists, but as far as my memory serves me (not very well) they don't fit all that much.

Yume no Shizuku, Ougon no Torikago, I don't know... I did read it at one point, and going over the summary, she's a slave. But on the other hand, I don't remember very well, she could have the brains to fit, IDK. Will go back to reading it sooner or later.

By no means do I mean that there aren't anything interesting in there, I did find some I didn't read yet and sounded interesting. But as far as what I'm looking for goes, the few that I haven't read I can't say anything, but most don't fit. Well, I don't often find stuff I'm looking for (for some weird reason), like when I say no ecchi ppl give me ones with ecchi in the genres = =|||, or Korean novels when I don't want manhwa, I'll go try the ones I haven't read yet for now.

Actually, would this make sense better? You know how until one or two generations earlier, Asia especially, parents decide on the all that marriage stuff? Think the pairs that would end up in that kind of world. I definitely don't see any parents putting together Cinderella and the prince. Think social status, or think talents etc. I'm not looking for all that much about how the pairs love each other, but how they end up and the process, etc. Er... perhaps I just made it even more confusing? Oh well.

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Post #590633
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4:31 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 49

At Least, Like That Snow...
Abnormal-kei Joshi
Koharu no Hibi
Billionaire Girl

Post #590635 - Reply to (#590631) by renseih
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5:10 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 97

well, sorry if i can't do more than this..
i rarely read manga with romance-focused plot (other than yaoi)
if i can suggest more, maybe Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners suits your tastes. the heroine and her partner are compatible........ in many ways. it is not bound by marriage and so on. though i can say clearly that it is NOT shoujo. you can not expect fluffy things there.
maybe Oresama Teacher or Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun can do too. or Mizutama Puzzle ? oh, i dunno.....
if you ask for parents deciding for marriage things, etc................. sorry, i cannot do more.

Julius Visconti is still the best captain.

User Posted Image
Post #590652

8:32 am, Mar 13 2013
Posts: 296

Honey Bitter
Lady Detective
Amakusa 1637
Crimson Hero
Scarlet Palace

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