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is love hina good if i hate the anime?

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5:06 pm, Mar 17 2013
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should i read Love hina if i didn't like the anime

i hear good things about the manga but i hate the anime so i wander if it is bad adulation

i love comedy and romance and like same part of the anime so mmm any idea

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2:47 pm, Mar 18 2013
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I really disliked the manga, mainly because I didn't like the characters (I hated every single one of the girls). I don't know why it's in comedy; I don't find that hitting someone is funny... AADyQ/9f37CQ8Lnew/s320/UntitledMA30851070-2437.jpg AA3w/5EsR0OGD8hI/s400/LoveHina0023.jpg
Argh... mad

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3:15 pm, Mar 18 2013
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I'm a big fan of the manga, but absolutely hated the anime. Love Hina is one of, if not my favorite manga - but I may be biased because it was my very first foray into manga.

Manga vs Anime is a lot like "the book is better than the movie" mantra. The downside of seeing the anime first is you know all the main points what is going to happen, but there was quite a bit of important dialogue left out that gives more 'body' to the story. I would do it if I were you. Just my opinion.

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9:01 am, Mar 20 2013
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In addition to being produced a full year before the end of the manga, it was extremely lackluster. I'd say give the manga a chance. You won't regret it if you like comedy and romance as you say.

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12:52 am, Sep 23 2013
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Manga is a lot better than the anime.

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Me too ♥

1:18 am, Sep 23 2013
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I read the 1st two volumes of Love Hina, then watched the anime. I couldn't finish the anime, and dropped the manga. Some time later I started to read the manga where I had left off. It was a little hard to get past the similarities at first, but afterwards it was great. Best thing I ever did was finish the series.
Harem themed mangas aren't normally my cup of tea, but I was happy I decided to pick this up again. One of the fulfilling endings I've read.

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1:37 am, Sep 23 2013
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Well... to me there is not much diference plot wise, manga just managed to show more stuff, they left somethings out in the anime but the feeling i got from both was almost the same, i did watch the anime before Reading the manga tho. So when i read the manga i used the knowlege i had (voice etc) to give the manga life tho.

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