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A really good Tragedy manga

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12:56 am, Sep 16 2013

What I want is a manga with some kind of sad event like loss of loved one or the loss of many people the main character cares for. Something really traumatic to the character.
Also nothing romantic.

Any genre shounen/shoujo/seinen/josei no shoujo ai or Yuri though

Also no loss of love tragedy

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1:10 am, Sep 16 2013
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Heh 97% of the things I read are romances, but here are some that have no romance and are tragedies.

Deep Love - Pao no Monogatari
(This is part of a set, where the others have little romance in them. If interested Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari I believe is the main one, where the rest stem off this)

Death Note ... but I wouldn't really say he cares about those people ... except for one at the end.
Oh I guess it was only two ...
ummm I've seen the anime to Shinseiki Evangelion and I believe it has 2 endings already.
But yeah the only one I can suggest that fits what you're looking for is the 1st one in this post.

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1:52 am, Sep 16 2013
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A Lollipop or a Bullet
Vinland Saga
Brad Harley no Basha
There, heart-wrenching without any romance whatsoever. Vinland Saga even claims, "love is death". eyes

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1:54 am, Sep 16 2013
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Majime na Jikan, don't be fooled by mention of crushes and wives, it's not a romance (at least I wouldn't consider it one) it's more like coming to terms with death. It's a good tragedy.

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2:08 am, Sep 16 2013
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I'll say Banana Fish. Ash had to experiencie one traumatic thing after another.
I've seen people say that this should be a shounen-ai manga, but they're wrong. There is no romance in the story, just a beautiful tragedy. Hope you try it.

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2:21 am, Sep 16 2013
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Anything on this list- ser2
I didn't name it heartwrenching for no reason.

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2:38 am, Sep 16 2013
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I think the best tragedies I can recommend without romance are Gunslinger Girl and Monster. Definitely check them out: Gunslinger Girl is my favorite manga while Monster well it's one of the best and most famous Naoki Urasawa's work, do I need to say more?

More good tragedy that are tagged in this database with tragedy and no romance tag are: Spiral, Vinland Saga, Pluto and Shin Angyo Onshi. But I don't consider them so traumatic, maybe with the exception of Vinland Saga. But they're overall good so at least you won't waste time on something bad if they're not quite what you expected.

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