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Group Links Removed

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12:46 am, Dec 5 2013
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With all these DMCA notices, all I can say is they're just BS.. That's what we called, capitalism & monopolism..



12:51 am, Dec 5 2013
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Why wont you show us the DMCA Notice?

Post #623290 - Reply to (#623027) by lambchopsil
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12:58 am, Dec 5 2013
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Quote from lambchopsil
As some eagle-eyed users have noticed, all website and forum links for all scanlation groups have disappeared.

It would be great to get some sort of response again from the admins rather than the poking fun at an eagle-eyed user that had to make a post before any admin did to alert us to what was happening.

Post #623294 - Reply to (#623268) by coa88
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1:18 am, Dec 5 2013
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Thanks for the updated script!

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1:34 am, Dec 5 2013
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As has been said, put the links back as text.... Or go down in flames. Better than castrating yourself.

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Is a female

1:44 am, Dec 5 2013
Posts: 3456 we have the links back?!

[Edit] - Nope. Just ignore me. I realise what's going on now herp derp.

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Mr. Brightside

1:49 am, Dec 5 2013
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Return the links as text. This is the only correct solution, not bowing to a DMCA with no standing, carelessly levied to take advantage of your lack of financial resources. This is a legitimate workaround, and since they have no moral standing, let alone legal standing, there should be no objections with this solution?

"We can not resort to simplistic or extreme solutions which substitute myths for common sense."
― Jimmy Carter
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1:56 am, Dec 5 2013
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So what will happen next? Remove all entries for adult manga here?

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Nerd of the week

2:01 am, Dec 5 2013
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This is just an elaborate ruse by MU. What for? That's because MU staff wants to shut down the site permanently because of REASONS(like "I'm tired of this already.").

For one thing, like Pirate Bay, none of it's servers host any files that offend any laws. Two they didn't show the DMCA noticed they received. Usually when this happens, people show the notice on their sites.

So IMO I guess it's time to find another site that alerts people of new releases.

Thanks for your efforts MU all these years(4 years of college + 3 years working = 7 good years!) May the staff have a good rest from it all until they get bored and start the same site all over again(let's all hope that by then they will still be doing it for free).


Post #623304 - Reply to (#623274) by ginx2666
Nerd of the week

2:06 am, Dec 5 2013
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No one is saying that. They like MU because it's a centralized hub for news of what's the latest releases(then the people either reads it in their fave streaming sites or download it directly from the scanlation team's website).

I mainly use it to track all the series I am currently following. It will be a bit bothersome now without the links(I have to google a bit and add the site to my fave) but we'll adapt, eventually.

Post #623310 - Reply to (#623027) by lambchopsil

2:26 am, Dec 5 2013
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I get the feeling this is unlikely to get the attention of people with the power to act, but there are lawyers who use this site.

Until now I had never been motivated to make an account or participate in forums. If you haven't already, you need to seek council in the state in the US were you operate. If it happens to be one where I can help, I will.

Otherwise I think a properly set up legal fund would see a lot of traction. DMCA and Patent trolls tend be all bark. If you actually fight them, you have a good chance of winning. The problem is that you will need money to do it. You might get that money back, but it would be a few years down the road.

Just moving the servers overseas doesn't offer as much protection as most people assume/hope unless you plan to move with them.

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2:29 am, Dec 5 2013
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Quote from Manick

In order to quell some of the fury that occurred after our news statement about removing group links, I want to let everyone know that we are having internal discussions currently about whether there are more options available to us.

Due to imminent threats and action taken against our host and the suspension of our paypal account, we had to move quickly to ensure that MU stayed alive. While we do not believe we were contributing to infringement by providing informational and historical links to scanlator websites, we have limited recourse to strong-armed tactics used under DMCA. We are currently discussing code enhancements and policy changes to account for content owned by the organization involved as an alternative to complete removal of links from the website.

We hope to have this situation sorted out in time. Please remember that we still require active site/forum/etc in order to validate releases.

Thank you

The update I was looking for. Thank you for the response and information.

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Urabe is not happy

2:33 am, Dec 5 2013
Posts: 91

That's the deathblow.

It's all going to be shitty online readers now.

EDIT: Manick, dump the table/column that holds the group URLs. Let someone else take responsibility for hosting the links

Last edited by HumanoidInterface at 2:41 am, Dec 5

Post #623313 - Reply to (#623311) by Zuan
Nerd of the week

2:36 am, Dec 5 2013
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Yeah but they still didn't tell us what was said in the DCMA notice. embarrassed

Post #623316 - Reply to (#623311) by Zuan
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Me too ♥

2:50 am, Dec 5 2013
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It's a quote from Manick not Volos ...

It's a start in info that they are sharing with us. At least we know they got strong armed into doing something, and they took quick actions to try to keep the site alive. I (and most likely others) thank the staff for keeping the site going.

Since I don't really have any useful advice on their options available. I want to suggest the following posts try to be helpful to the situation, and not more expressions of our anger. ( I mean you could expression your feelings, but I think they got the point that we're upset over this hence the update.)

EDIT: Everything I have read about copyright is pretty much saying that action isn't done unless someone claims said item is not theirs ... I want to say respond to the notice asking who's saying MU is copyrighting.

Maybe check out these Copyright Infringement and Remedies
the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Personally I think Mu hasn't violated any copyright laws, and should respond to the notice.

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