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Group Links Removed

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Post #623193 - Reply to (#623188) by kainord

5:15 pm, Dec 4 2013
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Quote from kainord
You are right, if you want missing pages, broken links, out of order pages, pop-up screens for who knows what.

You forgot the watermarks x)


5:17 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 23

It sounds like you guys think MU has a ton of money to fight against stuff like this. It'd be nice if they gave scanlator sites in plain text, but they aren't. I will continue to use this site, maybe things will get better. In the meantime, there are search engines for group websites.

It was nice having everything on one site, but ultimately, it's a first world problem.

Post #623195

5:20 pm, Dec 4 2013
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What about linking to a website that links to the scanlator's website?

Post #623197 - Reply to (#623194) by Anabiotic_Pineapple
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5:24 pm, Dec 4 2013
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Quote from Anabiotic_Pineapple
It was nice having everything on one site, but ultimately, it's a first world problem.

Sad but true.

Post #623199 - Reply to (#623194) by Anabiotic_Pineapple

5:46 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 152

Quote from Anabiotic_Pineapple
It sounds like you guys think MU has a ton of money to fight against stuff like this. .. It was nice having everything on one site, but ultimately, it's a first world problem.

100% true.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some of the comments here are pretty damn selfish. You want MU to put up some sort of legal battle just to allow hyperlinks again, instead of a two-step Google search.

Now, if you think this is just a slippery slope to the'beginning of the end' then that's fine - do something about it. Put your money where your mouth is and start a MU legal fund with Paypal donations for things like this in the future. Make your own site with whatever you want on it, ignore DMCA takedown requests and do your own thing.

This is a free site, which aggregates tons of freely acquired information from users, that allows you to search for and locate free digital downloads of manga titles that others pay for and have spent countless hours cleaning, redrawing, translating, typesetting - purely for the love of the manga. Suck it up and be happy for what you currently have.

Post #623200 - Reply to (#623067) by Lilanar

6:01 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 63

This I think is the main issue here. The on-line reader sites (the only pirates here) - are going to become even busier and richer now.
Are they being dealt with in any way? Nope.
This is retarded.


6:14 pm, Dec 4 2013
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6:32 pm, Dec 4 2013
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Who issued DMCA? If you can't give straight answer, just give vague one, like "streaming site", or "English publisher". I just won't purchase any releases in future, and browse the former with every piece of script/ad blocker possible, and pirate out of spite.

If not for fan translations that created Western fanbase, they'd have no business in the first place, so they could show some fucking restraint and respect.

Last edited by ginx2666 at 6:41 pm, Dec 4

Post #623207

6:55 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 16

This is very unjust!

Why mangaupdates that doesn't earn anything for what they do and not the reading sites that earn money and even have published works in english there?
They should go for them and not for this site.

And if they keep doing this it'll only affect negatively to them.
At last I think so, because if sites like mangaupdates or scanlators didn't exist I wouldn't be buying manga. And more importantly I wouldn't be buying manga in english since my native language is spanish and without sites like this one, I wouldn't have gotten used to read in english.

I don't understand why they do these things, if mangaupdates or scanlators weren't there I'm sure that japan wouldn't sell as much as manga internationally as it does now, because I at last wouldn't buy a thing I don't understand, but if I read it in english and I like it I would buy it in japanese to support the author, and the same in english, if I liked a manga I read and they publish it I'd buy it too, and I'm sure most of people do that.

Why don't they see that the ones who are reading manga now from the scanlators will be the ones that will buy manga to them in the future?

They are selling to fans and mangaupdates is were most of fans gather to give their opinions about their preferences, about if they like this or if they don't, this site could even be their market research are they blind?

I'm sorry for this long post but I got pretty mad mad .

Post #623208
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6:56 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 140

Would be awesome to find tons of "illegaly downloaded" stuff on the DMCA's "creators" PC or Laptop and shove the claim right there, you know where.
Anyway, lets stop the bitching, that's how life is and we gotta deal with it.

"Spread your ear-pollution both far and wide" - Billy Squier, The Stroke.
Post #623211
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7:10 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 173

I honestly think that this DMCA claim may not be valid, but until then, are we allowed to ask for scanlator sites in the forum?
A lot of these scanlators are quite small and even with google it's not convenient to find them.

I really believe lambchopsil and Manick needs to triple check this because more than anything this past year(s), this change could mean the deathblow to this website.

I would really suck if some third party DMCA copyright troll would bring down a whole community.

Edit: Actually, if you're reading this lamb/Manick, can we seriously consider making it a requirement (or strongly encourage) scanlating groups to have a facebook or twitter account?
At least that way we would have something to click.
They could then link their website/blog themselves.

Last edited by RilleL at 7:22 pm, Dec 4

Post #623213 - Reply to (#623031) by hamzah555

7:21 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 65

This. Now where is my upvote button?

Post #623215 - Reply to (#623076) by bakaliner

7:30 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 65

Indeed they're not overreacting, but naming the culprit would be good.

Post #623216 - Reply to (#623194) by Anabiotic_Pineapple

7:33 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 486

So true. In the world of DMCA, only having links removed is such a small price to pay to keep the site alive (there are more drastic approach that would have been more painful to us as readers). Seeing the latest releases and being able to track what I read are still the most important features to me.

Post #623218
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7:45 pm, Dec 4 2013
Posts: 402

As far as I know, a DMCA takedown request needs to provide specific links to be removed (that presumably point to copyrighted content). They can't possibly demand the takedown of all links to groups, without regard for whether those links contain anything copyrighted, and if they themselves hold that specific copyright. So this whole story smells of BS.

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