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Looking for these mangas/manhwas

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Post #624600

1:51 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

Hi! I just joined the MU recently and I'm trying to add all the mangas that I've read onto my list. I have a few mangas/manhwas that I remember reading but can't seem to recall the title. Not 100% sure if these are completed series or not...some of them are also stories that I stopped reading. This list is getting really long....

To those that say it should be manga/manhwa instead well - English is my worse subject...actually it can compete with my Spanish grades - this site does not allow for the changing of topic names. Deal with it. I will attempt to refrain from making this error in the future...after I ask my English teacher as he laughs at my PSAT Critical Reading and Writing scores...

1. The protagonist is a robot with green hair who runs a coffee shop in a rural area. I believe it is based in a future version of earth. She has some type of motorcycle, her owner left her with a gun (unless I'm thinking of something else), there are other types of robots like her in the manga. I'm sorry I really don't remember anything else. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou - Thank you dalek

2. I don't remember the actual manga itself but there was this one shot in it. It was about an exorcist who came across a girl who was a demon. He couldn't bring himself to exorcise her. She ends up living with him and when she's hungry she kisses him, stealing his life force. Eventually she finds out what she's doing to him so she runs away. He finds her, they tie a grass ring onto each others finger, she returns to wherever, and refuses to eat. Oh, and her dad was a dog demon. Sarashi Asobi omake Lunch - Thank you Tripitaka

3. I think this was a one short or a two shot. It is about a "prince" who is going somewhere and his uncle(?) accompanies him as well as a bodyguard. They are ambushed, the uncle(?) is killed, the bodyguard tells the prince to run or takes the "prince" and or the other. Eventually, they come to a stop and the "prince" tells the bodyguard he should just leave because he is just a double. Sword and Prince - Found it XP

4. A girl goes looking for her fiance who was called the war. She ends up seeing someone whose face is wrapped and hears people call him her fiance's name so she thinks it's him. It turns out that he is a friend of her fiance who often gets mistaken for him and that her fiance is actually dead. Kao no Nai Otoko - Thanks again dalek

5. This was either a one shot or part of a series. A girl is being told to choose something blindly. I believe the options were jackal/fox and rabbit. There was something to do with emeralds I think... Outside there is someone else planning a hit on the man she is making that deal with. It may have been two people... Anyway the people outside open fire the man right as the girl pulls out the object that ended up picking and it gets shot, the men all get killed, and I don't remember if the girl gets killed in the cross fire. Emerald - Thank you oriana3k

6. A girl ends up enrolling in school as a guy because her father wanted her to be on the guys basketball team. She ends up getting found out by the team. Her friend who is on the girls basketball team tries to get her onto the girls team and some basketball match goes down and the protagonist plays dirty (literally I think she threw dirt at someone..) and idr what happens after...hehe Girl Got Game - Thanks dalek

7. A girl is looking for her brother that her mother told him about. The brother is apparently some sort of celebrity and as the girl looks for him she is brought to an agency and told the audition - the auditions were males only. So, she ends up accepted and having to hid her identity and thinks that the person she was falling for may be her brother...don't remember what happened after. Teppen! - Thanks're my new fave person HAHAH

8. The protagonist is a girl whose father is a scientist. Her father or mother made her drink something that whenever she sees her crush she changes into a guy. There's a guy in the story who changes into a girl whenever he eats seafood and her crush enjoys hanging out with her guy form. CutexGuy - dalek

9. Similar to the last one where the girl turns into a guy though this time I think she wished it at a temple or something...and she ends up sleeping over at her crushes house when the transformation undoes (not 100% sure after that)

10. The main character I think is cursed? Something tornado things that were screaming souls or something and there was this female character that the main character meets in an area that is like no mans land. The guys falls in love with her - he claims not because of the curse or something and she's supposed be like a cursed person to who ends up making guys fall in love with her and they'll do anything for her or something. lol sorry I know that was REALLY vague...From what I remember of the art style I believe it was Seinen...well oops he was already in love with her... Red Ewewhon - You're awesome mastergil!

11. Something about the most depressed person in the world. Some guy won that title and God was going to grant his which which was apparently to destroy the world. He ends up telling some lady she has to make that guy change his mind and she's not even the #1 happiest person but the others were having issues... Nowhere Boy - dalek

12. A girl was going to die soon so she got three(not sure about the number) wishes. She wished for the whatever to go away so she wouldn't die soon. Then she wished for money so that she could dress up and impress her boyfriend or whatever. Her boyfriend and best friend go to buy a ring, she sees them but doesn't know the ring is for her or something like that...she may have just seen them hanging out. She then wishes or one or both of them to vanish...then she finds out about the ring and how it was for her. She regrets it but in order to undo one wish she had to undo all of them so she ends up dying. Last chapter of 13 Club - thank you Allez

13&14. Main character is a male. In both they just want magic that will help or something like that and end up getting destruction or something. In one there was card that appeared to show what you were. Err....I think I stopped after the first few chapters in both of them but now it's annoying me because I think it's something my friend would enjoy and I don't like having incomplete lists XP Tenkyuugi - Sephirahnatus (This is the one with the cards) - Well...found one of them

15. Protagonist is a boy whose father was some sort of shaman. Something happens in the beginning and his father gets turned into a tree(?). Anyway, there's still ball thing from which the boy summoned a tiger like thing that could stand and fight and whatever. Whenever they engage in a fight if the boy holds the ball and moves it in a certain pattern one of the tiger's weapons gets summoned. Apparently the tiger belonged to the boy's father as well but under a different name. Tiger thing dies/vanishes in the end after saying good-bye to the boy because his regret with the boy's father was not saying good-bye - or something like that. Onmyou Taisenki - kudos to dalek biggrin

16. Protagonist is a girl who is in love with one of those people that can't die from poison - their hair is silver. I dropped the manga part way through...The guy liked the girl back so he tries to make himself not poisonous. He ended up getting a crystal from a granny and the crystal was the granny's dead child (the granny was a poison person too). Apothecarius Argentum - dalek and thank you everyone else smile

17. I've read this twice and now I can't find it...A devil transfers into a school that is all angels (how that happened...well idk). There is another guy there that hunts tails - he tries killing the devil dude but can't bring himself to - and some other guy that shows up once or twice and controls the other main character I guess is a girl who is an angel. She has dolls that can talk and a big brother. By the end though you find out that all the other angels were really puppets and the brother had to devil brought to the school to get her out of it...or something like that...and the entire place is destroyed. Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo - Thank you Nekomikoto

18. There was this was tin vs aluminum cans...and the cans fight each other...main character is a boy...and secondary character is a girl...who is a can...I don't even remember why I read it...dropped it after 2 chapters though...lolz Akikan! - Thank you frodfy and everyone else biggrin

19. Was either on its own or part of a short story collection. A magazine writer who goes to a coffee-shop and falls in love with a barista - the best one in the shop. Another employee gets jealous of her and tells the owner that the barista the writer fell in love with told him the recipe. She loses her job, he goes and looks for her in the next town over, apparently she's serving coffee in a bookstore, she finds her, hug, the end.

20. This is a oneshot that I can't seem to find... The protagonist is a little girl who wants to go to the mall(?) to buy her father a new watch - he broke it protecting her. The catch? All items turn into crazy monster things so you need a guide(they had some other name for it but I'm calling it a guide XP) to catch them for you so they return to normal item form. So...pretty much no one goes to the mall but one of those guide people finds her, rescues her, and helps her get a watch - ended up getting some watch that changes to whatever shape the person wants so it becomes an exact replica. And then he gives her a dress that's one size fits all (it grows with the wearer) and tells her to come back in a few years and calls that payment.

21. Main character is a boy who's afraid of touching people: he ends up wiping their memories of him when he does so. He meets a girl who he eventually falls in love with...either she gives him gloves or someone had already given them to him beforehand but he just still doesn't like touching people or...idk lol can't remember. But then something happens and he doesn't have his gloves on and he ends up grabbing her hand to save her but then her memories got wiped and I don't remember what happened after..XP

22. The protagonist and his friends are kids. He was sent to through some reform thing because he "killed" someone - aka he got his memory wiped. Turns out he wasn't that one that killed the person but he was covering for the girl that he liked. He had embedded a picture or something into his side prior to getting his memory wiped (he didn't realize he had stitches(?) then he was like running his side hurt, tore out the stitches and vala! there was something in there....)

I thank everyone in advance for any help that they give or for taking the time to read through the list to see if they knew anything. I'll probably ask about more series as I think about them.

Last edited by sweetapple at 11:11 pm, Jan 22

Post #624601
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Procrastinator and

2:09 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 975

1. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
4. Kao no Nai Otoko
6. Girl Got Game??
7. Teppen!?
11. Nowhere Boy??

I thought 8 could be CutexGuy, but it doesn't totally fits. Also thought 2 could be Dead Soul Revolver, but it doesn't totally fit either.

Last edited by dalek at 2:31 am, Dec 15

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Post #624603 - Reply to (#624601) by dalek

2:15 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

Yes and yes! Thank you!! *huggle yokohama* Now I can read it again biggrin

All those match but #2 thank you! It really sucks because I actually had that manga bookmarked on my old laptop which is dead in in a dumpster somewhere...hehe...

Last edited by sweetapple at 2:44 am, Dec 15

Post #624604
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2:21 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 542

5. Emerald

Post #624606 - Reply to (#624604) by oriana3k

2:37 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

Thanks biggrin

Post #624607
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2:38 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 537

2. It's the Omake Lunch from TOBINA Touya's Sarashi Asobi.

Last edited by Tripitaka at 2:52 am, Dec 15

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Post #624608 - Reply to (#624607) by Tripitaka

2:46 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

HAHA that would explain why I recall titling the bookmark Lunch...lolz Thank you biggrin
Side note:
Is there a way to put a strike-through through the ones that have already been found? Or should I just delete them?

Post #624609 - Reply to (#624608) by sweetapple
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Me too ♥

2:52 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 1139

You could always edit your opening post, and say *found* at the end of each one found, or * It's (name) thanks (person who found it)*

Oh there's an edit button at the top of each post you make. Make the edits then update post.


Oh and you could always put the ones still missing in blue or something. It would be [color=blue] ( text in here) [//color] * take out one of the /

Actually the thanking at the end with color sounds like a better idea. Hopes this helps.

Last edited by Kitty18dnsz at 3:08 am, Dec 15

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Post #624610 - Reply to (#624609) by kitty1826x

2:57 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

Ah, thank you very much biggrin

Post #624616
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Procrastinator and

3:37 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 975

About #10, the only one I know that is cursed and make man obsessed with her is Tomie... But it is horror and I don't think it fits.
Screaming souls?? e_09.jpg haha

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Post #624622 - Reply to (#624616) by dalek

4:25 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

nope not that, thank you though. I think the art style was's been like 3 years my memory is horrible

Post #624631
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4:59 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 57

I highly doubt it but maybe
10. Magico (IWAMOTO Naoki)?

Post #624632 - Reply to (#624631) by frodfy

5:22 am, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

HAHA I read Magico. Love that manga biggrin

Post #624682
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12:05 pm, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 138

10. It seems like Kurozuka? confused

Post #624690 - Reply to (#624682) by kamfreto

1:42 pm, Dec 15 2013
Posts: 35

nope the girl appears somewhere in the middle of the series. lmao this one is going to drive me insane.

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