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Shoujo mangas with bad type female protagonist

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11:57 pm, Jul 1 2014
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Is there a manga with the female protagonist having a bad ass kind of character. Almost as if she was in a gang kind of thing but doesn't have to be.
Basically the opposite of common shoujo characters. Not the energetic or nice type but one with a dark side yet not depressing if you know what I mean.

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12:45 am, Jul 2 2014
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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge - You might consider her personality depressing, but it's a pretty funny manga. Unfortunately it's very episodic and incomplete.

Gokusen (josel) - Yakuza heiress. I don't know if I would describe her personality as dark per se, but she's very awesome and kicks ass.

Then I can think of a few split personality stories - Othello (Ikezawa Satomi) and Akuma de Junai.

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4:10 am, Jul 14 2014
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Kechonpa in a way

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4:59 am, Jul 14 2014
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Present wa Shinju
Oresama Teacher
Lady Detective
Fujoshi Kanojo

I don't think "shoujo" and "dark side" and "not depressing" and "good" go together, but I've tried my best. I think I'm interpreting dark side too liberally so if you could clarify that'd be great.

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5:24 am, Jul 14 2014
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Tokyo Crazy Paradise - she's a tough fighter and is sort of in a gang

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6:46 am, Jul 14 2014
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The Kidnapping of Minja Jo's Boyfriend

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3:53 pm, Oct 10 2016
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Yuyu from Nanairo Kakumei. Well, she is not the protagonist actually, but she really dominating the story.

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