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2:17 pm, Jul 12 2014
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Hi guys i'm new here and i'm adding all the mangas i'm reading in my profile. i was wondering if there's a filter for the new releases that allow me to see only the releases for manga in my reading list

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Me too ♥

2:25 pm, Jul 12 2014
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If you look at your reading list. (My clicking My lists over there on the right) You see the title then in red c.# If you've been keeping track of the chapters you've read, the red number will only show up once there's a new release.
Does that help out?

(Also is the same with custom reading list you may have created.)

Other than that to my knowledge the only kind of filtering with the releases, is color coding certain genres, excluding certain genres, and hiding a group you don't like from the release page. (Check out the User CP -> releases filtering for the color coding, and/or excluding. Need to manually go the group you don't want to see their releases from page and hit never show releases from them.)

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