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Short sweet sad story

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3:06 pm, Sep 28 2014
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i've been craving for sweet and sad story lately.
but i want it short, so anything below 10chapters is good. please give some recommendation smile

what i dont want: yuri, yaoi, harem, horror, or too much drama
thankyou smile

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3:32 pm, Sep 28 2014
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Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Many say this is good, but idk really....
I mean, it just didn't hit me, like, meeh... Imo tho

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Post #653292 - Reply to (#653143) by Knightzomegaz

1:27 pm, Sep 30 2014
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oh yeaah i read that one. thanks. the story is ok, but it didn't make me sad or anything.
i guess i'm lack of empathy. i can't cry easily...that's why i want to read more sad story and see which one make me cry
hmm.. any other suggestion?

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2:49 pm, Sep 30 2014
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are one shot stories okay??

If so, try Tsuki no Waltz. I know there is at least one of these that is really sad. There is four stories. Well, at least I thought it was sad.

I usually don't like to read tragic stories :S It is just the way I am. I like happy endings lol. I know I have read some though...just can't remember :S sorry.

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2:54 pm, Sep 30 2014
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Rec - Kimi ga Naita Hi probably won't make you cry since you never cried while reading Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan. (Which is quite surprising.)
So i guess you could try reading Tetsudou In, Love Letter or Kon no Ki Konoha. (This is a bittersweet oneshot) And maybe Solanin (The manga consists of 28 chapters though..)

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3:16 pm, Sep 30 2014
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Hotel. The first story.

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4:18 pm, Sep 30 2014
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Tamashii no Futago
Eien no With

They all have some elements of tragedy and can be pretty sad and emotional. Hope you enjoy them, even if you don't cry.

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8:07 am, Apr 25 2015
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oooh i forgot i already made this post. i was about to make a new one since i want to read this kind of stories. thank you for all your recs! i'm reading it one by one now. if you have more recommendation please tell me! thanks again!

@Agradine one shot is totally okay!! i like it especially the moon story! thankyou so much!

@nezushi LOL. i read the kon no ki konoha. it was beauuuutiful and yes, sad. i really love this mangaka works. i'll read the other 3 later~
*edit: i finish the rec-kimi ga naita hi, ehh well like what you said, i didn't cry, but i enjoy the story, so thankyou smile

@Mizura ohhhhh the first story is awesome, but the rest are.....weird. i understand why you only recommend the first story

@ThirySixChambers thankyou! i'm reading the tamashii no futago right now, and it looks promising!
*edit i finish it! damn the story was a bit confusing at first since it jump around. but the ending is great!! thanks!

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12:35 am, Apr 26 2015
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100% Gokuama Kareshi! - Story 3 HOLE - Kirameku Sekai (Takahashi Rie)
Kono Koi wo Wasurenai. - Story 3 The Flower that Blooms in You by Mitsuya Omi

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Post #665072 - Reply to (#665050) by brenda307

4:29 pm, Apr 26 2015
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@ThirySixChambers damn i almost cry reading the forever honey from Hitori-tachi. thankyou!

@brenda307 aah thankyou so much. i like The Flower that Blooms in You story!

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11:28 am, May 5 2015
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bump. i still craving for more. thanks before!

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7:33 pm, May 6 2015
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some oneshots i liked:
Babel no Tegami
Shisei (YOKOBABA Ryo)
Souten no Koumori

1 volume manga:
Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai
Heaven's Door (HONGOU Ranko)

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10:52 pm, May 6 2015
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I love bittersweet stories smile The stories below are mostly also supernatural.

Shokugyou Tenshi
Kizu (KIYOHARA Hiro)
Sorayume no Uta

2 volumes:
Hyakuman Tsubu no Namida
Motto, Ikitai...

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11:41 pm, May 6 2015
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hotarubi no mori e, a collection of sweet and sad oneshot
kara no shounen, read the one with the same title.
cosmic colour, but I'm not sure if it's sad...
Mademoiselle Butterfly
Lovely everywhere
Taiyou no Yuki
Chou no ito

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3:29 am, May 7 2015
Posts: 138

Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni

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