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6:42 pm, Apr 14 2015
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I'm in the mood for some tats. I've already gone through the Tattoo/s tag, but I was wondering if anyone has any other ones they'd recommend or even some they'd second from the tag. The tattoos don't have to be main focal-points, but I find them incredibly attractive, especially on males, but girls can be inked up too. I already know about Horimiya having tattoos in it and I'll be reading that one shortly.

I prefer shoujo or josei (especially josei), but I'm slowly becoming more open to shounen and seinen. I hate ecchi and huge breasts (honestly, F-cup breasts on a size four girl just doesn't scream "attractive" to me, a female) and tragedy is a big no-no unless it's reaaally mild like in Superior.

Thanks in advance!! <3

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7:19 pm, Apr 14 2015
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yeah you should definitely read Horimiya its a really good one!

besides that one there is Shuumatsu no Laughter, or Hanatsukihime that you might like, but they are more like marks than tattoos. shuumatsu is shounen and has the guy with a tat while the girl in hanatsukihime has the tattoo and it shoujo.

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9:00 pm, Apr 14 2015
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Not many come to mind immediately, but you should know in Japan tatoos are traditionally associated with yakuzas (that's why people wearing tatoos are forbidden from public baths for ex.) although it's slowly changing. So looking for mangas with this kind of character (tags : Mafia, Criminal/s) should almost always get you tatoos.

Here are a few which don't have the Tatoo/s tags but still include them.

The Voynich Hotel The protagonist was a yakuza, or at least in a criminal gang or something. Check this one if you like dark comedy.

Natsume Yuujinchou One of the characters surrounding the protagonist has a tatoo or at least something resembling a tatoo, and it moves !

Tokage The tatoo/curse in this one is very similar to Natsume.

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7:56 pm, Apr 15 2015
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I just remembered one! Ryuu no Hanawazurai it even has the tag.

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9:09 pm, Apr 15 2015
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only ones i can find that is Shoujo/Josei :

Mademoiselle Butterfly
Shirotae no Kimi, Hanagasumi
The Poet Who Buys Words

Dendrobates have tattoos but not a big focus. Though it is Seinen, it pretty good would recommend

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9:10 am, Apr 20 2015
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