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Novel-ish manga

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6:35 pm, May 17 2015
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Exactly what the title says. I tried searching the forums but to no avail.. .___.

I've recently read Nabi and, hahaha, I really loved how it felt like I was reading a novel from a manga. The way the author go out of her way in narrating was really captivating to me.

One of her style was to describe the weather, or size of room, or darkness from A to Z (like, it snowed last night - and the author further narrates what the snow did to the road trails, rooftops etc) and then relate the character's memories and feelings to it.

So yeah. I'm looking for a manga like this. As long as it complements the manga and beautiful - in terms of language usage and depth. shy It doesn't have to be narration, it can also be dialogue or monologue.

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Best of the Worst

7:10 pm, May 17 2015
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I recommend Mushishi. It's very philosophical without being overbearing. I don't know about novel-ish, but there are heavy narrations that compliment art. It's just a really good manga in general.

Cynicism at its best.
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7:28 pm, May 17 2015
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There's Blood and Steel. It reads exactly like an action novel, I even find that a flaw itself, as a manga should be read as one. If I wanted to read a novel, I would go and read a novel.

But if you're looking for a manga that reads like a novel, try this.

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7:30 pm, May 17 2015
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Perhaps Shoukoku no Altair. I tend not to notice if a manga is novel-ish or not since I'm used to books and reading more or reading less is pretty much the same to me, but I've heard people call this manga "wordy". In any case, it's a manga I definitely recommend if you like strategy.

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Come and Go

2:50 am, May 18 2015
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Chikan otoko
It was based on a story which was posted on 2ch. When I read it, I think I read the dialogue and monologue with more attention than the drawing. But the simple art is good for the definition of the expression. Somewhat like a very light novel.
Oh, and also Onani Master Kurosawa & Tsunbaka with almost the same reason.

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3:07 pm, May 19 2015
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Thanks for all the suggestions! Really, I appreciate it so much <3

Each of them looks very promising. I'm going to try them out one by one right now biggrin

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10:19 pm, May 25 2015
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tokyo ghoul is similar like that, in terms of narration. there're quite a lot of mangas like that actually, but that's the only one i could think of atm biggrin

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11:03 pm, May 25 2015
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I really liked Netsutai no Citron. Definitely not your run of the mill manga.

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