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New Poll - Good Plot But Bad Art

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3:18 pm, Feb 27 2016
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I don't know how old you would consider an old person to be, but I'm still a student at 27 so maybe there aren't as many young uns as you'd think. Some of us just refuse to stop learning, lol.

For this week's poll I would never drop a good plot because of bad art work. Plot is far more important. My favourite manga, Banana fish, had a very aesthetically divisive art style in the earlier volumes, and had I judge it based on that alone is have missed out on an amazing story!

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5:09 pm, Feb 27 2016
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Last week's poll results : Not a surprise at all.

This week's poll : Weird.

"great plot but terrible artwork..."? Can anyone even cite such an example that isn't a webcomic?

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8:04 pm, Feb 27 2016
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Well, I understand "terrible artwork" as any artwork that bothers me even a little bit. To answer this poll I immediately thought of Shingeki no Kyojin, it isn't terrible omg stab my eyes, but it does bother me sometimes... but as long as I like the plot, artwork isn't a problem at all.

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9:54 pm, Feb 27 2016
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One punch man being an excellent exampple - also some people don't appreciate the art of Taiyo Matsumoto but his stories are always top notch!! laugh

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12:19 am, Feb 28 2016
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It depends how bad. I loved Angel Densetsu, but I couldn't keep reading One Punch Man (One).

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2:26 am, Feb 28 2016
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Anyone who dismisses a great series, because the art is bad, is a fool.
It's the writing that's important. If the art is good, that's a bonus. If the art is bad... so what?

That said, there is one (and only one) series, that I simply cannot read (or watch), due to the art:
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

The art, in general, is perfectly fine, but...
Those faces... The faces of those the four guys...
They are an abomination, that cannot be endured.
Now if anyone would go through it, and "censor" the faces of those four "pretty" guys (how you'd term that "pretty" or even "human", I cannot comprehend), I'd gladly read it.
But with those faces...
It's no doubt a good series, but... those faces are torture.

Edit: I do not understand the people who cite Gokusen or Shinjeki no Kyoujin, as examples of bad art.
I can't comment on the other series mentioned, except HxH (which, in certain parts, during the mangakas periods of illness, does get kinda... not bad art, so much as unfinished sketches).

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1:00 am, Feb 29 2016
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obviously art is relative to the eye of the beholder so just roll with "artwork you don't like".
There have been poll questions that were up for interpretation but you really can't go out of the box with this since the individual the question is posed to is you the reader of the question. And in that sense, the poll is addressing what you the reader considers terrible artwork

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1:03 am, Feb 29 2016
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the thing is that different people have different standards for art. Some are very narrow (cough - shallow) whereas others are nearly as wide as the ocean in search for a good story.

I have read manga with terrible art but the stories weren't so great. I'm going to say intrigue and boredom were the only reasons I kept with it (and the power of skimming). but tbh, I regret the time wasted...

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1:50 am, Feb 29 2016
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There are many examples, but what I really remember is One Punch Man mmm...

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2:13 am, Feb 29 2016
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Lol. Oh yeah One man punch no

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7:22 pm, Feb 29 2016
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I'll read is so long as the plot is good. Perfect example: OnePunch-Man (ONE)
Awful, AWFUL artwork. I mean, even I could draw better and I suck at drawing people (and pretty much everything else).

Looking at other posts, I see I'm not the only one who used this example... So! New example for me... hmmmmm.....

Well, as far as a rough art style, something like Dorohedoro and Alice in Hell come to mind. I like those manga, but the art is seemingly all done by pen. Though I wouldn't call the art terrible...

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11:20 pm, Feb 29 2016
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I have a lot of opinions about this poll, and it's an excellent choice (imho), so I'm gonna break my five years no comments streak. I've seen people complain about this being a subjective issue - what would you consider bad art? - and considering these are all published artists, the stylistic choices seem relevant.

I cannot even count the number of manga I have read despite the art, beginning with such cases as entire chapters without backgrounds or faces that are entirely composed of eyes. There's the yaoi hands, of course, where the hands of the one guy are - well, just google it.

My favourite manga, Gokusen has objectively pretty awful art. (At least it's consistent.) But it not only fits the characters, it fits the story (Don't judge a book by it's cover.)
And it's that way with OnePunch-Man, too. The main character is drawn that way for emphasis, and it fits the story. You just have to get used to it.

Other bad art examples from the top of my head:
Skip Beat! and Tokyo Crazy Paradise, with the legs that are longer than the rest of the body twice over.
Bleach, where the characters over time condensed into a single face used over and over again
InuYasha, where it's a plot-point that Kagome and Kikyo look alike. Well, so do all of the other women (who aren't old). This is done so often in shounen manga, it's pointless to point them all out.

Tl; dr There's so many different art styles, as many as there are artists, sometimes you just have to deal.

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11:43 pm, Feb 29 2016
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In my opinion "the artwork is bad" is a pretty poor excuse to not read manga. Art that doesn't look "good" doesn't mean it can't significantly contribute to the story. There are definitely instances of comics with beautiful art with a incoherent story and comics with bad looking art that are still wonderful. A comic's art doesn't have to be pleasing to the eye in order to make a comic good. That being said, it's still possible for bad art to make a manga bad (for instance, lack of expression or confusing art can take away from the story).

A comment about one punch man, beacause it's the easiest and clearest example. The art may not seem very refined, but everything else about the art is excellent. The storyboarding is unbelievably brilliant. Note how the Murata version barely changes any of the expressions or the paneling layout. The art of ONE is better than you think. Just because a person can draw at the level or better than ONE doesn't mean that person can draw a better comic than ONE. Dude's just amazing.

So I think that truly good art means more than just detail/beauty/refined-ness.

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Post #677252 - Reply to (#677249) by achyif
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12:19 am, Mar 1 2016
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The web version of OP doesn´t have "bad" art (it´s trash) just because how it looks.
The mentioned panel layout is half the problem. I can pin point exactly which SJ manga / artist the author is ripping off wholesale @ every instance. Tisk tisk.
The also brought up Angel Densetsu thought never look "bad" due to the panel layout and distinct character designs while gaining really nice art halfway through. Just google Scott McCloud´s non-fiction comics on the formal aspects of the medium you all.

Good on your though for displaying art from Batman 500 in your sig cool. Jim Aparo is a real legend! Just look at this panel layout. Knightfall was so effing good and an Azrael is soon coming to Fox´s Gotham.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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8:07 pm, Mar 3 2016
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i think bad art only work with comedic and gag manga. serious or romantic manga would just look ridiculous while gag manga may even be helped by the simplicity of the art. for example i love my name is zushio bad art hilarious comedy.

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