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I'm looking for hentai manga with a very good plot

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3:43 pm, Jun 13 2016
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I want some mangas with a very good story that I can read it for plot, I prefer incest but no parent/children relationship, I like brother/sister or cousins or smth like that.
Thanks in advance

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4:01 pm, Jun 13 2016
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If what you're actually looking for is hentai, try anything by Gunma Kisaragi.

If you want something that's just ecchi, but highly so, try the odd and wonderful "My Lovely Ghost Kana".

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6:47 pm, Jun 13 2016
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I recommend the work of Yamane Ayano, like Crimson Spell or You're my loveprize in Viewfinder. They've been reviewed as "p*rn with amazingly good plot", hahah biggrin . Nevertheless, that's to be expected of Japan's most popular BL mangaka! Well, it also depends on if you don't mind boy on boy action. Just thought I'd put it out there. I'd still recommend her work despite this since she is very skilled.

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8:00 pm, Jun 13 2016
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If you've watched Neon Genesis Evangelion I recomend Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - Re-Take. Just re-read it and loved it again. Its more a case of plot with porn then porn with plot but still.

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Slightly obscene

10:50 pm, Jun 13 2016
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Aaaand all of his belongs in the adult(18+) section of the forums

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Seinen is RIGHT

11:29 pm, Jun 13 2016
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Insert dick joke [here]. Lol @ the Yaoi recommendations.
Edit: And now they are recommending Seinen manga. No wonder that our site is broken...

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The Kuudere

1:09 am, Jun 14 2016
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How about Younger Sister's Lovely Plot? Its a hentai manga, has somewhat of a plot(And I don't mean plot as in “ butt ” ), and has some incest in it.
Sorry if its not what your looking for.^^.

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3:31 am, Jun 14 2016
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Pandra - Shiroki Yokubou Kuro no Kibou
Shinkyoku no Grimoire - Pandra Saga 2nd Story
Dulce Report

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Pretty much.
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4:29 am, Jun 14 2016
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Maou no hajimekata is pretty good so far.

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4:46 am, Jun 14 2016
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Thank you very much for your answers, it's very helpful smile

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9:50 am, Jul 28 2016
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Drill Stocking Ambivalent by Heriyama

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5:08 am, Aug 4 2016
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Doumestic Na Kanojo was a pretty good read for a little while, but then I feel like it focused too much on something that was not even related to the "crisis" that happened at the beginning. It's just dragging now but it's one of those bro/sis incest thing, I guess. Also, an old read "Angel Sanctuary" has a good plot but I'm not too sure about the actual "bro/sis" action that will leave you satisfied. I'm not really into that stuff so sorry that I didn't have a lot of recommendations.

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