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Looking for a manga with a specific type of male mc

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3:39 am, Mar 20 2017
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I'm looking for a manga where the male mc is very strong, scary when angry, and preferrably an airhead. I'm not asking for it to be about romance, but if any ideas are, I'd say it's okay as long as the mc isn't easily tempted by girls, and the manga would also preferrably have decent art. An example of the perfect mc I'm looking for is from the webtoon, "I Don't Want This Kind of Hero", Naga. He's an airhead who doesn't get situations until the last moment, he's usually gentle and kind, yet he's scary when angered. Thank you for any suggestions. biggrin

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5:21 am, Mar 20 2017
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Sun-ken Rock

The God of High School

not sure if they fit your criteria perfectly but these are as close to it that i can think of

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I have a big

7:12 pm, Mar 21 2017
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Onepunch-man as if you're not already reading it
Gun x Clover, but he's not an airhead.
Dragons Rioting maybe

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8:02 pm, Mar 21 2017
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Hero waltz, maybe?

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5:01 pm, Mar 24 2017
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It's a romance oneshot and the male character is exactly how you described it. I loved it, it's funny!
laugh laugh

Order wa Boku de Yoroshii Desu ka? (story2)

hope you like it too! biggrin

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Mr. Nerd

1:01 am, Mar 25 2017
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Dragons Rioting is an amazing manga. Yet I do not know if it really fits the specified requirements. Though I indeed second it.
Gun x Clover Seconded. Sadly he is not anywhere close to being an air-head but he would fit the requirements of being very scary when angered. Give it a try, you probably won't regret it.

Now to some air-head scary male MC's, both miniscule romance and tons of it included. Since I think you refer to "scary" as action or martial arts here are some air-head martial arts series and action series.
Ruler of the Land Some wouldn't agree, but I think this fella is an air-head. He doesn't realize how strong he is and he keeps getting stronger. He will ofc realize one day how strong he is and how scary he is but he doesn't keep up a front. (For me, this particular series was a nail-biter! I started at chapter 1 when there was around 300 chapters released. It had me hooked and is now at 520+ chapters)

Black Clover He is intimidating while angry and so on, but the most redeeming part here is that he is an air-head.

Nanatsu no Taizai You might have heard of this series before but yeah. He certainly is an air-head and he truly strikes everyone with fear when he's angry. It's a stupid kind of romance but there's also sweetness to it. He knows he's strong but he's still an air-head. Whether it's attentional I'll leave it for you to decide on it.

Wu Dong Qian Kun It's a manhua that somewhat fits the requirements. He is kind of an air-head and he does get somewhat scary when extremely mad.

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san He's also kind of an air-head in many ways, don't really care about much most of the times but kicks ass when he's angry or tries to protect someone/thing.

Addition: Shokugeki no Soma For some reason this might actually fit your criteria somewhat. It might not be martial arts or deadly stuff, but it's fighting through cuisine. He definitely is an air-head regarding alot of things except cooking. When he cooks he is under-rated by many but still highly respected somehow. It's a weird mixture but the amount of air-head in it and lack of "Fight me to the death" might be refreshing.

Some of these are ecchi and if you mind that I apologize. I had another manhua i believe in mind that would be the perfect fit but I forgot which one it was. At least I hope these series gives you something nice to read. I avoided any discontinued/axed series and tried to keep a 40+ chapters continued status on the recommendations so that you would have something to read for some time.

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