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Quirky/dopey female lead romance

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7:48 am, Jul 22 2017
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Hello, as per the title, looking for some romance manga with a female lead that's kind of quirky and out there. Examples:

Nodame Cantabile - Nodame's a messy person, her piano-playing is (charmingly) wild and free, she loves this children's anime, she's constantly asserting herself as this guy's girlfriend while he's a big fat tsundere, and gets along alarmingly well with children

Bijo ga Yajuu - Eimi's small and just kind of generally strange, air-headed, and bold but lovable

...Seishunchuu! - She lives in the shadow of her perfect older sister, so while she tried hard to make a high school debut, she finds out her sister is a teacher there so gives up, cuts her hair short and decides to live practically while giving up on love

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4:22 pm, Jul 22 2017
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My top recommendation would be Ashi-Girl, but unfortunately no much as been scanlated. The female lead is kind of dumb/air-headed but still extremely likable.

Some others with strange and silly female leads:

Kodomo wa Wakatte Agenai (all the characters are pretty quirky in this one)
Koi da no Ai da no
Kodomo no Omocha
Studio Salty
Chikutaku Bonbon
Skip Beat!
Cherry Boy, That Girl (she's kind of unpleasant but rather strange)

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5:31 pm, Jul 22 2017
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The 'out-there' ones:
Perfect Girl Evolution
Shinigamihime no Saikon

Not really 'out-there' but quirky and unusual nonetheless:
Koukou Debut
Tendou-ke Monogatari

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1:43 am, Jul 24 2017
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Thanks for these! I've read Ashi-girl since I loved Gokusen. Those definitely fall under this category. Will check out the others too <:

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