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Anime Spring Season 2022

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8:40 am, Apr 1 2022
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The schedule. A season for me it seems.
Dance Dance Danseur, Kingdom, Kotaro Lives Alone and SPY×FAMILY are all fine but nothing special.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 S2 drops on May 23rd and I wonder what the real story of this incarnation is about. The trailer is about WW V breaking out. (IV happened right before most versions of GitS begin). How timely…

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Gekitotsu will amount to 24 eps by the end. I am pretty sure that this will form 2 12 ep cours and not an uninterrupted run. 8.5/10

Spriggan finally drops on June 18th. That CG is chef' and comparing the Noa´s Arc segment from the trailers to the somewhat changed movie scenes leaves a respectable impression. Metal Gear Shounen here we come. I wonder if Kojima will mention it on Twitter.

Thermae Romae Novae adapted up to chapter 17 (of 38) while skipping chapters 6, 8, 10 and 14. The noticeably weaker 1st and 7th episodes are anime only and 7 of the episodes are based on 30-page chapters so the content is expanded beyond reason at times. The anime also invents its own epilogue that makes the time travel romance that begins in chapter 18 of the manga and then continues for the rest of the series impossible. So this is half an original anime with a somewhat changed characterization of the now more buffoonish protagonist. I could have lived without some rather jarring CG use and the show looks a bit too “yellow” at times but the end result is superior to the no-budget adaptation from 2012 and whatever the hell those movies were. Not a replacement for the award-winning manga but a fine watch anyway. I wouldn´t mind seeing the rest adapted but don´t expect it to happen. 7/10

Ultraman S2 finally releases in mid-April. S1 was better than the manga despite a much faster pace and due to plot chages. The arc this will adapt is the best part of the manga. I wouldn´t mind if the anime makes up a sort of ending this time as the manga´s well is clearly running dry after the America arc.

Ya Boy Kongming! The manga/anime´s premise comes together way too fast and it should have been set in China. The few bits of fanservice are totally out of place but the anime axed those it seems. Good. The story is about music so an anime makes perfect sense. P.A. Works is a boring studio but I can´t see them mangling a slice of life comedy and I like that the songs are in English. 7/10

Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island releases in June and will remake the infamous ep 15 of the original show instead of adapting the identically named prequel manga about the titular Cucuruz. I don´t get it and I don´t get the logic behind most Gundam anime of the last decade.
Odd Taxi Movie: In the Woods The shortening and reworking might or might not improve the plot of last year´s under the reader darling but the new epilogue is desperately needed either way.

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