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..a manga that changed your worldview

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12:49 pm, Apr 18 2019
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Hey there,

I hope my request isn't too far fetched. I'd like your recommendations on manga/webtoons/you name it that broadened your horizon and/or changed your worldview in ways you didnt even consider before. This can be in any dimension and any direction- just please name what the manga you recommend did for you (how it affected you and which topic).

I highly enjoy anything with a psychological tag, but its not a must.

- No hentai or manga that basically just focus on fanservice sex/gore
- Nothing too long (20 volumes+)
- Only manga that have either been fully scanlated or where the main parts/important aspects were already given. I dont want to be forced to stop halfway with a third of a message

Thank you very much!

I'm not sure if I wanna do this
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2:12 pm, Apr 18 2019
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May I suggest you pick up a history book, rather than look to fiction/entertainment, if you want media that "broaden your horizons"?

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4:41 pm, Apr 18 2019
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6:33 am, Apr 19 2019
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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

I was amazed when I found this manga 6 years ago. I had no idea that manga had ever tackled a subject this big. YKK remains in my memory to this day as the essence of mono no aware.

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12:12 pm, Apr 19 2019
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Seriously... I don't know how to say this without sounding like a 12 year old weeb, but.... this manga got me out of a really dark place.

Well, it didn't *get* me out of a dark place by itself, but it most definitely helped. I couldn't help but be cheered up by that amazing little girl and her brilliant outlook on life.

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1:46 am, Apr 29 2019
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Thermae Romae is a fun manga with a neat concept and if you read the author's notes at the end of each chapter (generally 2-4 pages) you learn quite a lot about both Roman and Japanese culture (often as it relates to bathing). i'd say it qualifies as some kind of a "broaden your horizons" manga.

something i read recently that i'm currently a teensy bit obsessed with is Shimanami Tasogare. it's kinda a "change your worldview" type but i'd say it's more the sorta thing that helps you gain more understanding of other people. idk

hope those help

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3:30 am, May 1 2019
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When I was young, xxxHolic really allowed me to think about different dimensions, the consequences of your actions, and human relationships. It's quite long though (I think 19 volumes?)

If you're looking for manga that has character growth and revolves around humanity at its core, maybe you can check out some post-apocalyptic type mangas! I'd recommend 7 seeds (josei - makes you think about how you'd react in a survival situation too), Jisatsutou (a bunch of people who decide to commit suicide end up as cast-aways on a lawless island and the main character goes through a lot of philosophical and personal growth - this made me appreciate life more, to be honest). These two aren't finished being translated yet but they're nearly done I think!

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9:13 am, May 1 2019
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3-gatsu no Lion

It wasn't like a dramatic change, but it was just a good reminder to stay grounded and we're all just human. It's not completed but I truly believe this series is worth a read. There's a fantastic anime of it, too.

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12:40 pm, May 1 2019
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I would say Kakukaku Shikajika it's a really meaningful manga that makes you think a lot about your choices.

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7:17 am, May 3 2019
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Omae ga Sekai o Kowashitai nara really messed me up. It made me consider fate/karma quite a bit more. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

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12:43 pm, May 3 2019
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Buddha (TEZUKA Osamu)

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1:48 pm, May 3 2019
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Not anything as large as changing my world views, but when I read Assassination Classroom, it reminded me of little but valuable mindsets I've forgotten over the time.
So to this day I still re-read it and it is dear to me, kind of like "Le Petit Prince" is for me too.

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7:41 pm, May 3 2019
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I'm not sure if anything really changed my worldview, so to speak, but there were manga that made me think more, resonated more, and feel more.

Death Note: [psychological] the importance of life and the choices we make - how the desire to win can overtake all other dreams/feelings you have.

Natsume Yuujinchou: [slice-of-life] kindness and acceptance - helping those in need not to get something, but because you can - accepting who you are and letting yourself heal.

Hikaru no Go: Shounen a story about growing up - the stages of grief - moving on from loss.

Nodame Cantabile: [slice-of-life] enjoy music - enjoy life as it comes, without getting bogged down by the little things - be yourself - love is communication and the willingness to adapt for each other.

7 Seeds: [psychological] human nature in various forms - no one is perfectly good or bad.

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