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Looking for a Gender-Bender, Showbiz/Modeling?

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10:34 am, Oct 15 2015
Posts: 2! in..... need..... of.... manga......//dies**** Looking for a Gender-Bender, Showbiz/Modeling!? anybody!!

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10:39 am, Oct 15 2015
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idol pretender maybe

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10:43 am, Oct 15 2015
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AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei
Onee-chan ga Mamotte Ageru!

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11:24 am, Oct 15 2015
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Love Stage!!
But I didn't get it, do you want recommendations or are you looking for something you forgot the name?

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12:13 pm, Oct 15 2015
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Nousatsu Junkie
I've only read the first volume, but it's pretty good.


12:42 pm, Oct 15 2015
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Penguin Kakumei
Tenshi ja Nai!!
Ai o Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!

And I second Nousatsu Junkie. It's very long, but pretty solid.

Post #672671 - Reply to (#672667) by Jyeims

1:24 pm, Oct 15 2015
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yea! recomendations please!!

hmmm i have red that 4 times already// still love it!! thankyou for recomending!(is that a word?)

aha thankyou for the recomendations, i have red the 2 of them though^^

Oh hey!! I love Love Stage!!! <3

oooooh i will try to read them( I have red 3 of those though)

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