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Romance with mentally ill ML

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1:29 am, Oct 7 2018
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I would like a recommendation with romance, where the male lead has some sort of mental ilness and is portrayed properly. It can be any kind, but for some reason autism or schizophrenia are more what I'm looking for.

Really depression, psicosis, anxiety, sociopathy, psicopathy. Anything, guys. It can even be just a story where the ML is really weird or straight up insane. It just needs to be well written.

If the story is REALLY well told, it doesn't need romance. (I'm a sucker for it) and it can be a mentally ill female, again, if it very, very good.

No ecchi, hentai or harem. But I'm ok with smut.

It can be yaoi if there is no (splicit) sex.

I think that's it. Any recommendations?

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4:33 am, Oct 7 2018
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Higurashi has very little romance except in one arc (which has a female lead), and the mentally ill person is not always male (can't reveal which arcs have mentally ill male leads without spoiling). However, I do believe it's very well written (at least the visual novels are - I've never read the manga adaptions of the core arcs) and there's no sex beyond occasional innuendo.

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5:32 am, Oct 7 2018
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It's not manga, but there's a Korean drama called It's Okay, That's Love. The main male lead and female lead have psychological issues, especially the male lead. It's really handled well, especially considering its a KDrama. If manga is what you prefer, maybe try:

Flowers of Evil- this is just twisted though, but definitely psychological (incest warning)
Die- not really romance (incest warning)
Mars- forgot a lot of what happened on this manga, but it had a lot of crazy I guess
Bastard (HWANG Youngchan)- my fave and really well written

I have a few more, but I can't remember names. Will edit if I can come up with anymore.

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8:32 am, Oct 7 2018
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March comes in like a Lion has an MC dealing with anxiety and depression.

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11:01 am, Oct 7 2018
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Perhaps Shi ni Itaru Yamai - female lead is mentally ill. The characters have sex but I don't remember it being shown in an explicit way, I could be wrong though.

Aku no Hana - female lead is schizophrenic. Male lead has some serious issues as well.


7:29 pm, Oct 7 2018
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Thank you so much :'D if you guys get to know any other manga (or even light novel or drama) let me know.

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