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How large is your manga collection?

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2:45 am, Jan 20 2011
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I've read manga for quite a while now, but I have only started collecting within the last year. So far I have accumated over 100 volumes - little but growing smile

Not much d/l though - only the series that have yet to be licensed in english.


4:08 am, Jan 20 2011
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23 full books read
194 still yet to finish

It's a bit of a chore to download them, since there's no centralized place to grab all of the manga.
I wish scanlators would release on Usenet. BT is fine but the older volumes would go dead without anyone seeding or uploading.

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7:59 am, Jan 20 2011
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I do not download, I prefer online reading.
The manga's I physically have on my bookshelves (in English, German, Dutch and 1 Japanese) are:
Akira, complete
Beast Master, complete
Bleach, 29 vol (I do plan to sell about 20 volumes to make room for other manga)
Border, 2 vol
Fullmetal Alchemist, 23 vol
God of Dogs, 1 vol
Golgo 13, 1 vol
House of Five Leaves, 2 vol
La Esperança, complete
Land of the Blindfolded, complete
Ludwig Kakumei, complete
Ode to Kirihito, complete
Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo, 8 vol
Saigo no Door wo Shimero!, complete
Wild Adapter, 6 vol

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9:19 am, Jan 30 2011
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Mostly i read manga online, but i have some finnish translated manga in my bookshelves including:

Dragon Ball vol. 1-42
Inuyasha vol. 1-34
Detective conan vol. 4-63
Naruto vol. 1-35
Bleach vol. 1-18
Hellsing vol. 1-10
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1-26

Been reading manga about 6 or 7 years biggrin

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2:56 pm, Feb 6 2011
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say about 600-700. It's been 10+ years since I started to read manga. And my sisters are all avid readers so it's a combined collection

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3:54 pm, Feb 6 2011
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Mines pretty small I only have Fullmetal Alchemist 1-22.

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5:09 pm, Feb 6 2011
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Physical actual books I have quite a bit....and downloaded series I have in file there's also quite a bit...
Books I actually own:
In English:
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: 1-5 (Complete)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny: 1-4 (Complete)
Kill Me,Kiss Me: 1-5 (Complete)
Zig*Zag (Nakaji Yuki) 1-9 (Complete,since TP dropped it after 3 volumes,I had to compelte it by buying the Singaporean edition)
Eerie Querie- 1 Volume (I had the complete series, but gave it away since it went down hill after the 1st volume which was great)
Sgt Frog- 1 Volume
Mars: Horse w/ no Name: 1 volume
Boy's Love- 1 volume
Model- 1-7 (Complete)
Earthian- 1-4 (Complete)
Loveless 1-8 (Ongoing)
Shout out Loud: 1-3
RG Veda- 1-10 (Complete)
Tokyo Babylon- 1-7 (Complete)
Clover- 1-4 (Complete)
Angel Diary-1-13 (Complete)
Bring it On!- 1-5 (Complete)
Cynical Orange- 1-9 (Complete)
One Thousand and One Nights- 4 volumes
Cardcaptor Sakura 1-12 (Complete)
X-Day- 1-2 (Complete)
After School Nightmare- 1-10 (Complete)
Phantom Dream- 1-5 (Complete)
Tsubasa Those with Wings: 1-6 (Complete)
Fruits Basket- 1-23 (Complete)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero- 1 volume
Let Dai- 1-15 (Complete)
Beauty Pop- 1-10 (Complete)
Nightmare Inspector- 1-9 (Complete)
Game x Rush: 1-2 (Complete)
NG Life: 1-8
Once Upon a Glashma: 1 volume
Legal Drug: 1-3
Seven Days: 1 volume
How to Seduce a Vampire: 1 volume
Necratoholic- 1 volume
In Italian:
Honey Bitter: 1-4
Kiss and Never Cry: 1-7
Magical Doremi- 1 volume
In Spanish:
X-1999: 1-18
Duklyon: 1-2 (Complete)
In Japanese:
Kiss and Never Cry: 1 volume
Honey Bitter: 1 volume

And those are just the physical books I own, not counting the light novels and such,and cus I have quite a bit of series that I've downloaded and kept,like Bleach,Naruto, Eternal Sabbath,Mars,Kara Kano,Some Prince of Tennis, Trinity Blood, many one-shots and doujin...

I've been collecting for almost 7 years now...and just cus I don't have a job right now, or I would probably have more books....

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8:20 am, Feb 9 2011
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My manga Collection cant even count as a collection.
i have about 6 but most of them are the shamenjump magazines that have fragments of comics in them. sad
My computer dosn't have sufficient memory space so i can't store that many. sad
My school libary has at lest 40 manga. I read them all already. so most of the manga i read is online.
If i had cash and had a bookstore that sold alot of mangas i would most likely have my room overflowing with manga that i would have to get rid of some furniture to make space.
due to lack of funds i can't buy these wonderful books

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10:34 pm, Feb 14 2011
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250 last time I've counted. I've got loads since then, so it might be in the three hundreds now. biggrin

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6:11 am, Feb 22 2011
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My little stock of English manga can't even be called a collection. I have, at most, 20 volumes. Then again, I've only recently gotten the means (money~) to purchase my own manga. Of course, I read tons online, but if it's really good I want it on my bookshelf! i will work hard this year to buy much more!
If I could read Japanese.... Oh man, well - I would have a lot of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro volumes laying around. Actually, I'll probably end up ordering some just for the sake of having them/supporting the mangaka.

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7:23 am, Feb 22 2011
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i don't know how many volumes i have (too lazy to count) but it's occupies about 16 GB of my hard drive smile

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9:39 am, Feb 22 2011
Posts: 41

well, since buy manga in my language is... well almost imposible, there are only few published, I mostly download it in english. So... around 35 GB? Yeah, half is yaoi and shonen ai, the rest shojo and fantasy smile wink grin

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11:39 am, Feb 22 2011
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I own five or six manga. I would love to own more but it just got too expensive. My favorite is Storm riders. cool


8:29 am, May 15 2011
Posts: 20

about 100 volumes i think? i shudder and want to curl up in a corner when i think about how much money that cost me ;A;
although, i really like having the collection.

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11:25 pm, May 15 2011
Posts: 26

0. xD
I've only gotten into manga recently, and I like reading online just fine.

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