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"Best" drawn manga

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10:22 am, Jul 7 2012
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Feel like I'm digging this up... Sorry, I just can't help it as yesterday I was completely and utterly tornado-ed away by Mori Kaoru's work: Otoyomegatari. She drew (yes DREW not soft-ware-using) every detail in such exact precision that I had no word to describe the beauty of her arts.

I meant, I read Emma and her body proportion and nude drawing were impressive. But the level of detail in Otoyomegatari was just incomparable by most manga. I'm not saying that I don't see CLAMP's works or the more classics of Miuchi Suzue, or realistically drawing from other seinen/josei mangaka are not noticeable. Some are gorgeous and some are just outstanding. I guess different period of time brings out differences in our taste buds of what "Best" is about. For me, my breath was taken away (had never happened before) by Otoyomegatari.

I also think Okano Reiko's and Sumeragi Natsuki's works are thoroughly and beautifully fabricated. The additional point here is that they draw by hands, that, I really admire.

Other works that captured my interest not only by the arts but also the storyline are Hyakki Yakoushou, One Piece (it's SIMPLY the BEST), Basara and 7Seeds, I was madly in love with Candy Candy in my early age, Saiyuki, Visionary the Other Side, and probably a lot more.

I also think the likes of Ouke no Monshou are beautiful. CLAMP's are beautiful. Bride of the Water God is beautiful. But they are not how I prefer arts in manga to be.

Some Chinese authors are amazing also like Xia Da and the ones who drew the manga version (I can't really remember the year it published but it was very well-drawn) of Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio.

An interestingly provocative perspective is Helter-Skelter. It was drawn in sketch but I saw a lot of artistic movements there :-?

I'm still looking forward to see the likes (not style but detail and uniqueness) of Mori Kaoru, Okano Reiko and Sumeragi Natsuki biggrin

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11:21 am, Jul 7 2012
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There are times my taste changes kind of, but everytime I see the first pages of Mugen no Juunin (SAMURA Hiroaki) it's the same: My eyes try to capture every detail, like the design of the clothes or the scratches on the weapons used by the characters.

Besides this, these days I fell in love with the style of Kosuke and the way it simply fits the atmosphere of Gangsta in my eyes more or less perfectly.

And - If it comes to details I like, there are the annoyed (and sadistic) smiles of the male counterpart HATTA Ayuko is able to draw in Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, the cute and at the same time intense atmosphere MOTOMI Kyousuke's style can convey in Dengeki Daisy and the dynamic kind of art YOSHIKAWA Miki shows in the first chapters of Yanki-kun to Megane-chan.

Anyways - There are so many other drawing styles, that may be likeable, so these are just the ones spontaneously coming to my mind right now. ^^"

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6:18 am, Aug 23 2012
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Best drawn?
Adekan - the character, background, details, I'm practically in love with the artwork.
Air Gear - Oh Great! maybe not the best author, but no one can say that his artwork isn't beautiful.
Zhena's Girls of the Wild's and Nineteen, Twenty-One

Back in my junior high school time (age 11-14) the best drawn manga for me was TANEMURA Arina's, HINO Matsuri's and HANAMORI Pink's manga. Now, I still think that Hino's or Tanemura's as one of the best, but it no longer become my number one favorite. As for Pink Hanamori.. well just say that those big eyes made me tired just by looking at them.

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7:05 am, Jul 11 2013
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I have a sort of weird taste but I really like:
Inu Neko Jump

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7:17 am, Jul 11 2013
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Realistic Looking



Sun Ken Rock


Not so Realistic Looking


Shokugeki no Soma

Air Gear

The Breaker: New Waves

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