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9:42 am, Feb 21 2008
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is there any similiars to Evangelion?

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9:48 am, Feb 21 2008
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Wolfs Rain is the only thing that comes to mind, but the manga is not nearly as good as the anime...

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9:52 am, Feb 21 2008
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I don't really think that anything can beat Eva when it comes apocalyptic-psychological manga (or really psychological manga in general, with the possible exception of Monster). It's a little bit off, but 20th Century Boys does contain some of that.

Bokurano isn't all that great, but it's basically what you get when you take Eva and exchange the religious symbolism with more teenagers with issues.

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10:00 am, Feb 21 2008
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You might also enjoy "She, the Ultimate Weapon" (English title since I can't remember or spell the Japanese). I think it would fit under your End of the World criteria. The philosophical/psychological aspects are sometimes undertones and sometimes explicit in the story as it evolves.

Hope you like it. It is, however, quite intense for a lot of readers -- check out the comments.

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9:55 am, Feb 22 2008
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X/1999 and Rg Veda by CLAMP ^^ . X is incomplete, but still worth reading. Rg Veda is complete and very pretty (as the title implies , it's based on ancient Indian mythology).Not for you if you can't stand some shounen-ai elements (well, I'm not a BL fan, but I enjoyed the story anyway ;) )

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8:09 pm, Feb 22 2008
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Evangelion is definitely one of a kind, but I recommend 20th Century Boys. I'm halfway through and it's fantastic (not that I expect any different from Urasawa).

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