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a VERY good shoujo manga

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10:55 pm, Jun 17 2012
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like one that..:
..made you cry so much you need tissues beside you..
or.. made you laugh til you cry or til your tummy hurts..
or... you relate too?
or... one you just favor out the others even if its not popular
or.. etc.. etc
your favorite shoujo manga in your opinion (:
ANY ANY thats good in your opinion

i guess for mines would bee.. hirunaka no ryuusei because its drawings are good and i love the characters a lot and it has a prettty good plot to me so far LOL smile wink grin

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11:05 pm, Jun 17 2012
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so my faverite shoujos is it?

my number one forever is Fruits basket
angel sanctuary and ludwig revolution from Yuki Kaori, because you can't easly forget them.
return - one of the non popular. I think it's masterpiece. It made me cry a lot.
basara - Epic. this one made me cry a lot too.
NG life and please save my earth are similar, but so different. reincarnation involved. cried a lot too. (I don't cry that easy in real life, seriously)
flowers of evil - tragedy at its best, probably best manhwa I read.
power! - this one on the other hand, made me laugh so hard my roommate thought I'm sick.

and maybe some of those:
here is greenwood - but no one else like this.
omukae desu.
hana yori dango - I liked the romance. Although first volumes were horrible

if there is an option between "to do" and "not to do", I will always choose the latter.

"what kind of crazy, twisted conclusion is that...?" - banana bread no puding
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11:42 pm, Jun 17 2012
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hmmm I have so many but I will only list the ones that are multiple volumes long. cool

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - it's a slice of life shoujo with lots of endearing moments. I think it's the kind that could be recommended to anyone. the characters literally drift off your monitor

Yumemiru Taiyou - another slice of life :3 I love the characters, art.

Hiyokoi- it's SO FLUFFY and simply awe-worthy.

Orange Chocolate - omg, one that I would reread over and over. I absolutely love the leads. and the relationship between the two.

Scarlet Palace - a very unique historical shoujo :3 I'm a sucker for well-done shoujos with a tinge of taboo.

Kokoro Botan - I honestly love EVERYTHING from this author .

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A talking rock

12:51 am, Jun 18 2012
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- Beautiful art, concept, this manga really make me wish that it was published in my country
Cardcaptor Sakura
- I watch, read and loved this manga when I was a kid, and still love it.
The Legend of Sun Knight (Novel)
- I don't really like chinese novel, but I think Sun Knight has its own charm that make me love it
Kingyo Sou

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7:53 pm, Jun 18 2012
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Bokura ga Ita and Cat Street

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