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Does anyone know the name of this manga?

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12:04 pm, Aug 4 2020
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The manga, is about 2 people who r different?
The seme(?) has a dream bout his job I think, but a problem occurred that killed him, so the uke(?) who had wanted to die made that dream happen for the seme.

Uwaaa I forgot a lot about it except the ending because the shock was too powerful.

The ending goes like this:
The uke was pretending to be the seme(idk if it’s reversed) inorder for the seme to accomplish his dream, there was a man who talked to the uke bout how successful he had become and then at the end the readers realized that the one who died was actually the one who wanted the dream

Huhu I can’t remember anymore, except I think the uke was rich or was isolated by everyone I think

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9:28 am, Aug 5 2020
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Any of these? I searched with dead seme tag,
Kimi no Yume o Mite Iru
Bokura wa Nando mo Koi o suru
And there’s these list 1, list 2 as well.

Post #779208 - Reply to (#779162) by z_goes_undercover

11:27 am, Aug 6 2020
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Sadly, no. I’m still unsure wether the seme or uke had died. I was unable to find it from the links you have sent 🙁(( thanks for trying though


3:42 pm, Jul 27 2021
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bump? D:

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