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is the term doujinshi being used correctly in MangaUpdates?

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12:33 am, Feb 26 2021
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I dont think they are? please tell me if im incorrect:/

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5:48 am, Feb 26 2021
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"Fan based work inspired by official anime or manga. For MangaUpdates, original works DO NOT fall under this category"
So even if those works are really doujinshi, as long as they are not inspired by official anime or manga, they are not considered doujinshi (for MU). I think so.

I think the reasons are mentioned in those below links:

But if doujinshi are scanlated, either they're original works or based on anime/manga, I think it's not a problem anymore ^^.

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12:36 pm, Feb 26 2021
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The definition for "doujinshi" that we use at MangaUpdates is different than the generally accepted definition. The definition that others use is that of "self-published print works". MangaUpdates specifically limits it to stuff that's based on an existing series, i.e., parody. Thus the term "original doujinshi" does not exist for MangaUpdates. This also means that everything listed as a oneshot on MangaUpdates is not doujinshi by our definition.

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8:47 pm, Mar 31 2022
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So most of doujinshi is only fanmade story of certain characters from certain anime or manga? Is there a doujinshi that pure made from original story?

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5:15 pm, Apr 7 2022
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The way I see it, the main point of MangaUpdates is 1. A database of manga and 2. A way people in English can track what they've read. The main way the doujinshi genre tag is used is to filter fanworks from original works, hence why original doujinshi isn't marked as doujinshi. The reason why there is even fanbased doujinshi is because some of it is scanlated into english so it can be a way for scanlation groups to give news of their updates. Remember, doujinshi really just means self published in japanese and there's definitely plenty of doujinshi that have original stories or are original ero/hentai manga. But for ease of use, they are still original manga etc so will show up in searches that filter doujinshi, so if you want only original content that makes it easy.

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