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Main Girl who doesn't end up with "main guy"

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11:24 pm, Sep 22 2018
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So I was watching a shoujo where again we have a abusive male character and a heroine who goes along with it and rejects her other much better suitors in favor of the asshole. So I was wondering if anyone knows a manga where for once the heroine does not end up with the "seemingly" main male for any reason and decides to accept the much better offer coming from somewhere else. I say seemingly because I know it's difficult to find an author who, I don't know, realize how much of an asshole of a character they created and decide to pair up the girl with the best option, so I'm hoping for something in which the girl is pursuing a guy and we have this other person who is her friend on the sidelines (who treats her right, this is very important) and she ends up with him (or her) at the end. It could be a a little like Skip Beat, but in this case the protagonist stops pursuing the asshole guy already in the first chapter so it's obvious the other guy is the main guy... So I'm really looking for one that is on the sidelines at first and the girl realizes pursuing the main douchebag is a waste of her time.


12:46 am, Sep 23 2018
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Try Uwasa no midori-kun (although it's not fully scanlated yet)

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10:36 am, Sep 23 2018
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Cat Street
Not an abusive 'main guy' but I feel like it has a 'side guy' feel? Or at least multiple main guy feels? xD

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2:07 pm, Sep 23 2018
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it's fully stranlated according to baka update

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5:04 pm, Sep 23 2018
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Shoujo where girl goes with the second guy

This thread has links to other similar threads, too.

I recommend/second Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Cat Street and Tonari no Atashi, although I don't think the guys the MCs liked first were huge assholes (maybe a little, though).

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7:04 pm, Sep 23 2018
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Paradise Kiss I don't remember if the ML was bad to the FL but I do remember there were instances they fought and in the end she ended up with the side guy.

This thread might also help

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