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Anime (or manga) with Futakuchi-onna

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4:37 pm, Jul 11 2016
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Hello all,

I am having a really hard time finding a specific anime that I'm pretty sure had a futakuchi-onna in it. I am not even sure if this anime has been released yet, or if I just saw a PV, but it looked like slice of life (or even harem?). All I remember is one scene where a young boy is sitting around a kitchen table with some girls. One older-sister type says to a little girl, "You don't have to be shy" (or something similar), and then this little girl gives a huge smile and puts a forkful of food into a mouth in the back of her head.

I really desperately want to find this. Otherwise, if you know any non-horror manga with futakuchi-onna (or something not quite related but super unusual like She is a Rokurokubi), I'd love recommendations.



9:42 am, Jul 13 2016
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I don't know the manga you're talking about, but manga's with unusual love interests I have.

Unlucky Boy Undead Girl

And maybe this tag might be up your alley. Unorthodox Female Love Interest

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11:42 am, Jul 13 2016
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Ashita no Familia is the only manga with such character that I know. I'm pretty sure it's not her though.

Skull Girls (game) had a character like this too.

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