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playboy transforms

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1:48 am, Jun 8 2013
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I want to read the story of.. how a playboy meeting a sincere his convictions on girls changed... me..

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2:21 am, Jun 8 2013
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moe kare!! But it's not really centered around it

Live for something otherwise u'll die for nothing
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4:09 am, Jun 8 2013
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Maybe Aishiteruze Baby


6:14 am, Jun 8 2013
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LiarxLiar i guess eyes

wait, was it an incest again? does step-sibling's relationship counts as incest? eek

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8:48 am, Jun 8 2013
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no, as step-siblings aren#t related by blood. then again, by todays legal standards, anything further away than the most immediate blood relations (siblings, parents, children) is not considered incest in most countries. also a lot of western countries just choose to ignore actual incest as long as it is consentual and as long as they are made aware of the medical issues


8:59 am, Jun 8 2013
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Kyou, Koi o Hajimemasu
Lovely Everywhere

I think the storyline of these mangas really show what your looking for


10:15 am, Jun 8 2013
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Strobe Edge Andou, for Ninako.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
They don't get together though :(

Nonchan to Watashi oneshot.
Momoiro Heaven! There's smut. Just a warning.
Oyayubi kara Romance but I read this ages ago so idk.

To a lesser extent:
Oboreru Knife I wouldn't really say it's a transformation, not yet anyway. But Natsume definitely has a different effect on Kou.
Koi dano Ai dano & remember to read its prequel first.
Last Game Haha, I wouldn't say he's a womanizer, but he kind of er... basks (?) in his own popularity so it could fit.
Katakoi Triangle ditto here.


8:32 pm, Jun 9 2013
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Dear friends,

please dont tell me somewhere in the story something like that happen kind of manga.

a womanizer transforms..... This is what i am searching for.
It should include his philosophy for being an womanizer and later he comes to know that his philosophy is wrong.Just stick to that and recommend me manga or anime or movie or novel or whatever u come across.

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8:40 pm, Jun 9 2013
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i actually want something like that have you read anything like that satochan16?

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