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Emotionally void female protagonist

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1:20 pm, Nov 30 2011
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im looking for a manga where the female protagonist has abusive or oppressive parents. Or was bullied in school.
And now she has become "emotionally void" and has closed her heart off to others around her. She has developed a bad outlook on life, thinking the world is "dirty" and her day to day life is boring or pointless.
But then someone enters her life, preferably the male interest, and shows her the better side of life.

But i dont want it to be pure cheesey, and having her fall in love with him from the moment she meets him, and suddenely everythings grand again..

the only examples i could think of were:
Suki-tte Ii na yo and Life
Thanking you for your help!! =)

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1:31 pm, Nov 30 2011
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Maybe Akuma to Love Song?

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1:38 pm, Nov 30 2011
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Kimi ni Todoke?

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1:54 pm, Nov 30 2011
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Perhaps Bitter Virgin?
Oh, and Kore wa Koi no Hanashi smile .

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2:09 pm, Nov 30 2011
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Kimi ni Todoke doesn't fit here, I think... But i definately second Bitter Virgin
you can also try:
Hana no Namae devasteted because of loss of parents
Sugar Dark the physical pain is high enough to damage her emotionally
Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge lost will to live because she was only born to be killed

in need of romance?
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penguin king

2:17 pm, Nov 30 2011
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2nd a lot of these, good recs. And ill add mars, it doesn't last through the story but the main is like that and for a decent reason. And on a comedic sense skip beat the mf completely loses all sense of love and goes all psuedo-evil, and sees the worst in everything for quite a while, great read xD

Few favs
Kyou kara ore wa!!, Mx0, Angel Densetsu, Skip Beat, Ai Kora, The Devil King is Bored

Hana to Akuma, No bra, Shinigami Trilogy, kindan no koi de ikou, Usagi Drop, Threads of Time, Girl Friends

Most under rated:
Kindan no koi de ikou, kyou kara ore wa!.
m0r l83r... maybe >_>
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10:47 pm, Nov 30 2011
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Orange Marmalade (kinda but not exactly)
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari (has a very similar feel to life)

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11:05 pm, Nov 30 2011
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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Novel) - shounen, not shoujo, but the female lead definitely fits. I just warn that romance isn't a main focus in the series, so their relationship is slow in starting.

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Living is Dying

1:32 pm, Dec 1 2011
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Try Cynical orange, the female main is abusive to almost everyone and shows few emotions... dead

i like the red paint that comes out when i stab you...
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