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MangaStream Drops VIZ Media Licensed Series

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From User Message Body
Post #539510

1:14 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 4

@t1 well u said mangazone and mangareader mangafox are all one whole damn company profiteering...
well they are considering there is no updated forum no interaction between members and forum admins ts cleaners et all...but they provided the goods for the bug 3 this week hope they do all d time....don care abt ads and them maing money... i alwayz use adblock neway.... which idiot doesnt....confused

Post #539511 - Reply to (#539481) by Saracin

2:52 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 61

Before you go into this "relationship" look into the FULL FACTS over the Megaupload wasn't about a whole load of obvious illegal activity (not just with file storage) by their company and they barely tried to hide it.

And VIZ is the company involved here.....not a country. (And VIZ is japanese owned so don't start an anti-american BS off this......been too much of that already). It's the publisher's (companies) who would go after these sites. If they brought it to the courts enough then the government might get involved.....but ONLY if it gets large enough to warrant it.

Post #539512 - Reply to (#539460) by PROzess

2:59 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 61

Basically it's Tazmo all over again (just a little modified).

Wonder if maybe someone should write a history lesson over that big and long incident(s).

Post #539513 - Reply to (#539496) by deadphoenix

3:04 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 61

Actually best places to hide things are behind drawers inside a desk or such. There's typically a small space there large enough to hide things. Also try BEHIND a book shelf between it and the wall (you can put a thin enough object between them). And also behind a mirror.

I used these different locations for hiding things I didn't want others to find (though it actually wasn't porn).

Post #539514 - Reply to (#539409) by [][][]

3:11 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 61

Read over a bunch of the stuff here and rethink your statement.

It's not "Adult Reasoning". It's not just adults. (Half the posts are probably from kids around 14-16).

Post #539515

5:09 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 7

The best way to support mangaka, is to buy the Japan Volumes (physical copy) and not from localized distributor such as VIZ Media.

How so?
1. Fate of the series pretty much depend of japanese publiser whim, which largely depend of their sales report.

2. For some reason even if the Manga Titles popular among us gaijin, but unpopular (in sales term) in japan, very likely that manga will be axed sooner than later.
We don't want something like that happened again right? *cough*Mx0*cough*

3. Japan publisher got more revenues per volumes from sales in japan, than revenues per volume from licensing to localized publisher such as Viz. This heavily weighted publisher decision to axe the manga or not.

Above reasons is why you should buy/import the manga from japan if you decided to support the author / mangaka.
Therefore buying from Viz actually misguided acts that doesn't really support the mangaka than what you actually intended, even if you can't read Japanese.

Importing manga can also support scanlantion groups. For non-Ignorant people, yhis should be obvious.

Post #539516 - Reply to (#539437) by uzumakiwalid

5:21 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 61

They have to censor for the age group (rating).

Post #539517 - Reply to (#539492) by philip72

5:35 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 292

yes, and all the marketing, legal stuff, printing, and shipping can totally be done within a few days. '-'

i agree that they should get their own online reader, but that takes time and development. im pretty sure something is in the works, if that ipad thing is any indication.

Post #539518 - Reply to (#539510) by r_daneel02

5:49 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 292

thanks for contributing to the problem and not bothering with alternatives. carry on.

Post #539519 - Reply to (#539517) by gwkimmy

5:56 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 61

I can't remember specifically....but I think I heard that VIZ is one of the publishers looking into digital subscriptions.

Post #539520 - Reply to (#539385) by Lord Jure
user avatar

6:13 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 8

"be glad that they release a good quality products"

Uh...I have VIZ' Excel Saga volumes 1-22 right here in my room with me and here are some problems (in ascending order of awfulness):

5. It took me a while to get volumes 7-8, and since I had already read through 4 before I wasn't about to read a mere 2 new (to me) volumes and then have to stop indefinitely, losing track of what I read in 1-6 altogether. If you're going to sell 1-6 and 9+ maybe you should sell enough of volumes 7-8 too, no? It's not that hard given that there's this thing called the internet that has very popular places that let people have things quickly shipped to them. I guess a monopoly (which is what "intellectual property" is ALL about) just doesn't have to care, though. Don't tell me other manga than Excel Saga exist, too, so VIZ isn't a monopoly. Would you accept it if I told you that you could just eat dirt if you didn't like the low cheese quality and/or high cheese price a theoretical cheese monopoly produced? You really need more than about six suppliers/producers/etc. for each step in the chain to avoid a cartel forming and induce serious competition on both price and quality. This exists as little as possible for Excel Saga, as VIZ is in a monopoly position over it where I am. Monopolies just don't care as much about anything good for the consumer by default.

4. Note errors. In volume three I found two notes that were numbered wrongly. One said it was on panel six of a four-panel page (it was on panel four, and the adjacent pages had six panels), and the other was simply off by five pages. For that one I had to wait until I reached the page five past the one they really meant (which was 182), notice the note talked about something not on that page but on another one in the past, and go back to that page to see the context. I've also seen links (as in URLs) to third party sites in the notes which are dead by now. If VIZ releases are of quality then why don't they either put the images intended to be seen on an extra page or pages in the volume (best way) or at least host the images themselves (tedious due to having to manually copy a full link from the page to a browser, but at least the link wouldn't be dead if VIZ started and then continued to care!)? VIZ could've wasted less of my time by either making the note better by just saying "search online for pictures ___" or simply removing what's useless due to low reliability, and which will obviously not exist forever, and doesn't anymore for me, from the notes. There are various levels of removing ranging from never adding it to checking it with each print run and editing it if it's dead (or better trying to replace it with something equivalent), but the main factor among all of them is that VIZ would have to give a damn, and it doesn't.

3. The note system. The notes in the back of the volumes are nice to have instead of nothing, especially when you have various localizations (or not in Sumiyoshi's case) done in the translation, but the note system is awful. Instead of just having a symbol (wouldn't really work here as the notes are together in the back instead of on the pages they are for, which isn't fundamentally bad at all, actually) or number indicate there's a note for some text they make you look in the notes section in the back first and have to anticipate when a note will occur as the notes there are listed as page-panel-text [bubble or block; only used if there are multiple in the panel]. So instead of reading normally and seeing that there's a note for something and looking it up you have to know what page you're on at all times or bookmark the next page (and the notes section, and make sure you have a third bookmark just for the page you're on too, if you have to stop for any reason! (I guess I'll have to start doing this...)) there'll be a note for, because there's no indicator whatsoever in the actual manga pages. To top it all off most pages aren't numbered, so sometimes you have to go several pages back or forward in search of a number to keep track of where you are, if you're actually reading the story instead of constantly repeating the page number to yourself. I just checked volume 22 and it is STILL this way. There's a reason notes for articles like on Wikipedia, the bible, or other cared-about texts don't go page-paragraph-sentence but instead make it clear when you read normally exactly when there's a note, but VIZ is obviously not run by someone that actually tries to read, much less enjoy, their volumes, quite unlike a scanlator, actually.

2. I can't always fully understand what Sumiyoshi is saying because they gave him some accent that doesn't exist in America. Sure, there are words I look up on OneLook throughout the manga, but at least those are actually recognized English words. Intentionally misspelled words and/or words where letters are replaced with apostrophes can't even be understood without context, which can be hard when they're the majority of what he says (which, even assuming I could look them up, is a bit much to expect of someone when there was no need for this "delocalization" in the first place, isn't it?), due to VIZification.

1. Pages are cropped. I can confirm this visually against "other sources", but I don't even need to because it's clear from how some words are partly cut off that they actually put the words on the uncropped page and later cropped the page, partly cutting off the words. I AM NOT KIDDING. Great work, VIZ.

I'm not mentioning more subjective things like the degree of localization, and yes, it's better to have one option than zero, assuming that one option is at all viable, but please don't say what you did with a straight face. It's simply ridiculous and it discredits your entire post and you in general by virtue of being a claim within it (dislike this all you like, but you can't blame anyone who thinks this way for doing so). These issues are VERY meaningful and simply don't exist in many scanlations at all, so why can't for-profit VIZ do better than this?

Post #539521 - Reply to (#539390) by jojo_da_crow
user avatar

6:18 pm, Feb 15 2012
Posts: 8

I posted above how their work is inferior. It doesn't really matter if Bleach is good (for you; obviously you can't trustably vouch for everyone, at least without any evidence or examples), my Excel Saga could use a LOT of improvement. But then maybe VIZ cares about yours and not mine because yours is more profitable. It still leaves me with a poor impression of VIZ when measured against scanlators, though...

Post #539522
user avatar

9:04 am, Feb 16 2012
Posts: 204

VIZ can see how profitable going online would be and yet they refuse. all they have to do is what most groups already are doing. set up a system like this, release chapters every week up to date with the Japanese ones for free. Open an online store, and add some ads on the sidebar. BAM. profit. instead they insist on selling a hard copy volumes for $10 a pop. They'll die out just like blockbuster did when netflix came out. They already obviously are. If i could, i would love to support the authors. but i cant afford to buy an entire series when each volume is so much. Its a lack of quality service, that drives people to the hassle of pirating things. Please realize this soon, Viz.

"Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived."- Dalai lama
Post #539523
user avatar

4:34 pm, Feb 16 2012
Posts: 8

And MangaFox still remains. What the hell!?

Post #539524

4:37 pm, Feb 16 2012
Posts: 1

Although I do appreciate VIZ's efforts to put out manga in English, and I support the mangaka, I still love scanlations. Of course I love free things, but they are more than just free manga. Fans get together to share their passion and they work, sometimes just as hard as the professional companies. I know how hard it is to translate + edit manga, ironically, but working as a scanlator.

VIZ is slow. No other way around it, just slow. Yes some scanlations are rushed. Yes the translations aren't perfect. But they have some good quality scanlations, and these "amateurs" can put it out in a matter of hours. If VIZ has professional translators, they could be faster. And for some, I even like the fan-translations better. For example, Bleach and One Piece had really great translations from VIZ, but as for Katekyo Hitman Reborn, well, I honesty detest "To the limit" translation of the "official" manga. Same goes for the fansubs.

While I do read Shonen Jump Monthly, I still dislike the fact that I have to wait a month for it. I wish There could be an English version of Weekly Shonen Jump, but sadly, the market for manga is not as large in the US as it is in Japan.

And why can't VIZ have their own online reader as well? I agree that it takes time and work, but Korea did it with Naver, and that's pretty successful. Their manga is good enough that I'd buy a volume if I was in Korea myself. Honesty, Korea does a better job of utilizing the Internet to their advantage. VIZ has a right to stop the scanlations and enforce it by law, but if they did their work better, then they wouldn't need to. The scanlations would die out by themselves then.

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