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A sloppily worn lab coat, lifeless eyes just like a dead fish's. He's the most un-teacher-like high school teacher, Sakata Ginpachi. The class he's in charge of, 3Z, is filled with 'intensive' students who h...
2006 - 7.95 / 10.0
She has lots of friends- but hasn't had that important conversation... She has a boyfriend- but there is another girl... Family too- Her family... the only connection is through blood. That kind of averag...
2006 - 7.12 / 10.0
The story begins with regret, chaos, and desperation. Sora lives with his little sister, An, and his rather comical father. An is the soloist of her school's chorus, and Sora is an awesome cook. Sora prepare...
2009 - 7.79 / 10.0
In a war-torn country where men and monsters fight one another, a young boy has survived a brutal attack. As he’s grown older, he spots a beautiful young woman who might be a gypsy – he’s not sure. Wha...
2008 - 6.76 / 10.0
A disillusioned young man in search of “something” stumbles into the weird and wacky world of Wonderland, where, as “Alice,” he is thrust into a murderous game of “Kill the White Rabbit” by comma...
2009 - 7.74 / 10.0
Volume 1: When Hiro's kindhearted brother, Tadashi, vanishes through a portal to save him, the boy genius is devastated. But his big brother left something to help Hiro cope with his loss--a personal health-...
2014 - 7.05 / 10.0
Self published, spin-off from Trip Lovers series.
2014 - 7.21 / 10.0
Pairing: Shuuhei x Renji Alternate universe dj - Shuuhei is a sensei in a college, Renji is a student - they are already a couple. There is a sudden rain storm, forcing the bois to go back to Shuuhei's apart...
6.88 / 10.0
Pairings: Big brothers Mugetsu and Ichiru (Older Ichigo) X Ichigo, and also Mugetsu X Ichigo X Ichiru. (Yes, Ichigo gets to top in this one XD)
2011 - 6.45 / 10.0
Pairing: Hollow Ichigo x Ichigo Don't forget where you come from, Ichigo. Don't forget who you belong to... It's impossible to hide your sins in the face of God.
2007 - 6.66 / 10.0
Pairing: Shirosaki(x3) x Ichigo [Brothers AU]
2010 - 7.09 / 10.0
Pairing: Hichigo x Ichigo
2010 - 6.84 / 10.0
The Cero Espada, Ichigo, comes home with extra luggage and is eager to "try him out" with Grimmjow. How will this all work out? Sometimes, what makes someone happy makes someone else completely miserable... ...
6.99 / 10.0
Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x Bakugou Katsuki
2017 - 6.42 / 10.0
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku
2018 - 6.59 / 10.0
Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x Bakugou Katsuki
2018 - 6.33 / 10.0
Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x Bakugou Katsuki
2020 - 6.53 / 10.0
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku
2017 - 6.59 / 10.0
Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x Bakugou Katsuki
2018 - 6.41 / 10.0
A "what if" alternative version of the original story, on which the cast gets acquainted in a different manner. The basic premise is that Kodaka, a rude looking and easily misunderstood transfer student ca...
2010 - 7.48 / 10.0
During summer vacation a group of fifteen children discover a mysterious man living in a cave surrounded by high tech gadgets, the man claims to be a game developer, creating a video game with a giant robot ...
2003 - 8.22 / 10.0
Rygart Arrow is the only one in his world who lacks the inherent ability to power up quartz, the energy source that makes all of the machines run. Nevertheless, he's pretty well connected. The King and Queen...
2007 - 8.22 / 10.0
Liola—the best assassin in his world—has vowed to kill no more. He was being chased by an assassination organization when he accidentally dropped into a parallel universe: through a dimensional gate and...
2005 - 7.87 / 10.0
Keel, the hero of our story, is looking desperately for Siva the so called "best monster fighter" to retrieve something precious that he took away from him, on his search he joins a beginner monster fighter ...
2008 - 7.51 / 10.0
In the land of Carat, a battle for the queen’s throne and the prince’s hand in marriage is up and coming. Yuni and Melissa are chosen as candidates for the throne and until a winner is determined, the p...
2007 - 7.28 / 10.0