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Toujou Renya was taken captive by a certain God. When given two choices, to either die and be reincarnated as a dog, or use what seems like an infinite amount of time to surpass a God, he chose the latter. F...
6.30 / 10.0
The archmage who ruled over a magic kingdom. One day, she was reborn as the youngest daughter of the empire! “I’ll just play along and pretend to be a baby. ...But don’t you think you guys like me a l...
2020 - 7.73 / 10.0
A new maid sets out to befriend the aloof young master in this fantasy world. Follow them on their daily adventures. Original Webtoon Official English Translation
2015 - 7.17 / 10.0
A romantic comedy between an Otaku and a Yankee that seems to be interested in reading manga?
2020 - 6.60 / 10.0
While trying to save a child who was going to be run over by a truck, Manai Zero loses his life. When he wakes up even though he should have lost his life, Manai is given the choice of being reincarnated, bu...
2017 - 7.14 / 10.0
A former prostitute named Ai and a man with a violent past meet in near-future Japan. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll collide in the Japanese underworld.
2002 - 6.66 / 10.0
The highschooler Keita Yatsuhaka has a crush on Manami Yotsuya, his schoolmate. They used to be good friends, but they've grown distant. One day, Yatsuhaka's friend, Kikka Kasanegafuchi, tells his fortune. ...
2015 - 6.01 / 10.0
A girl gets lost in a forest.
In the Yuki no Project series: Itazura na 24 Ji (Naughty 24) - Wakana, 16 years of age, happens to live by herself. At her new apartment, she finds that she is going to live with the idol Takuto. Kami-sam...
1998 - 6.58 / 10.0
Living with an alien was something Misuzu never imagined would happen, but when it does, you just have to roll with the punches. Naoko is from another world, but you wouldn’t think that since she looks jus...
2005 - 6.70 / 10.0
In 17th century Japan, a rebellion in the Aizu territory has been brutally crushed, leaving twenty-one brave warriors dead and most of the nuns of the local convent slaughtered. Now the surviving nuns have s...
2005 - 7.41 / 10.0
Seven years ago, she freely and easily abandoned ¥100 and ran away, carrying her unborn son with her. Seven years later, she returned with the lady killer’s genius son, never expecting that her darling s...
2011 - 6.21 / 10.0
"I'm… not… gonna come, I tell you…!" Contrary to her confident attitude, her flushed body is on the brink of orgasm! Will one minute's stimulation get the best of her…!? Official English Translation...
2021 - 6.41 / 10.0
It looks really good. The more I like it, the more I want to eat you! "Onigashima", which had been in a closed state for a long time, opened. A human man will come to this island with only demons! I wa...
Vol.5 in Kemono Series Kirishima Kaoru is the representative of Fujido Groups while Daigou Mikihisa is a young executive of American corporation Mercury. Due to his deep-rooted insecurities, Karou contin...
2005 - 6.52 / 10.0
Teased unmercifully for his past as an orphan and a slave, Teito has only his best friend Mikage to ease his days at the elite Barsburg Academy - and his mastery of the magical art of Zaiphon! But even that ...
2005 - 8.24 / 10.0
In the 1-tsubu no Shinju series: V.1 - 1-tsubu no Shinju V.2 - Yuki no Hitohira
This work reveals that YANG Youngsoon's true story is in storytelling by lightly throwing away the existing bridle that was trying to confine him with 'sex' and 'bizarre' code. Original Webcomic...
A boy and a girl who are childhood friends fell in love with the same guy.
2019 - 7.06 / 10.0
Thirteen years ago, Tatsuomi died in an accident and is then reincarnated as middle school student, Fushimi Arata. And then one day, a new teacher comes who was his previous life's lover, Midorikawa Utako. ...
2018 - 6.60 / 10.0