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Mizuki's childhood friend Asuha suddenly finds herself turned into a doll. Will Mizuki who has a passion for collection figurines, be able return her to her real body or just add her to his collection?
2011 - 6.00 / 10.0
1-2. 2-dome no Koi no Hajimari wa After being harshly dumped by his lover, Kousaka Yuuki, a shop manager at a restaurant, swore that he would never love again. One day, he meets his ex again when he unexpect...
2009 - 6.93 / 10.0
1-2) Can't Kiss for 24 Hours A math teacher who has an intense relationship with the problem student, Kikusui Kiyoya. Even though they were a couple in love, one day, Sensei suddenly wants to break up...? 3...
2007 - 6.96 / 10.0
Note: Has a sequel named "Boku ga Geinou 3-shimai no Seidorei ni Natta Kekka".
2015 - 5.98 / 10.0
1. Shin'yuu no Okusan [Zenpen] 2. Shin'yuu no Okusan [Kouhen] 3. Mama no Seikyouiku 4. Senpai no Okusan 5. Tonari Tsuma no Osasoi 6. Shachou Tsuma no Shinsou 7. Yobai-mura 8. Gishi no Himitsu 9. Anata...
2015 - 6.29 / 10.0
1.Shikaeshi Ecchi 2. Oba to Oi 3-5. Nozoi Chau? 6. Netsu-gi Tsuma 7-8. Tomodachi no Haha wa Yokkyuu Fuman 9. Dairi Sao 10. Gibo no Fukushuu
2016 - 6.32 / 10.0
1. No! Smokin' Boogie (No Smoking Room) A quaint office story about a woman that's attracted to the smell of cigarettes, and hooks up with an older man, leading to pleasant results. 2. Melancholic Serenade A...
2013 - 6.73 / 10.0
7 Short Stories About Sex (spanning across 11 chapters): 1-3. 7 Daime no Tomari (The Seventh Generation, Tomari) Tomari is a cursed woman who must do specific sexual things with her partner or the curse wil...
2009 - 7.03 / 10.0
Shinichirou would rather spend his life playing games on the internet, but sadly he's a heir to a company. His grandfather deems his current life-style unfit for a heir, so he throws him into a house with ei...
2012 - 6.77 / 10.0
It's about a girl who plays the dangerous game of exhibitionism.
2005 - 6.29 / 10.0
1-2. Tsumasakidachi (Standing on Tiptoes) 3. Classmate 4. Fukuro Kouji (Blind Alley) 5. Morton no Kumade (Morton's Fork) 6. Kasugai (Clamp)
2015 - 6.46 / 10.0
Living under one roof… A devious step-father is lusting after his daughter’s pure body! Sneaking behind the mother’s back, his perversions as the days go on…
2014 - 5.89 / 10.0
1-4. Aaaaah! Gotoushu-sama (Aaaaah! The Present Master) 5. Aruki Miko: Kanou Kazuko 6. Haha wa Kawaii: Boku no Imouto 7. Milk-iro no Hohoemi 8. Blue Bamboo 9. Sonogo no Gotoushu-sama
2008 - 6.61 / 10.0
A boy named Akira summons a goddess and makes her his sex toy. Next he buys her sister from a friend of his, but the same "friend" then steals both of them, then uses them to make money...but Akira won't giv...
2010 - 5.96 / 10.0
Yukinari discovers that he has a condition known as Adamas Syndrome, which allows him to ejaculate rose diamonds worth 5 million yen. One side effect is that each ejaculation causes him to lose 1 year of lif...
2018 - 6.44 / 10.0
"Should I put it in? We can keep it a secret from your boyfriend." Even though she has a boyfriend, her childhood friend toys with her until she's dripping and she can't help but moan in pleasure. This is Yu...
2014 - 6.44 / 10.0
Volume 1 ch 1-3 After Five is Rain of Kiss, What To Do With Love and The Validity of a Kiss! Enomoto is always reprimanded by his chief Tsuda. But when he stays late to finish work, Tsuda will sexually haras...
1998 - 6.71 / 10.0
A guy offers to hold an umbrella for his senpai whom he has a crush on. On the way home, a car splashes water on him so the girl lets him come into her house to get cleaned up.
2010 - 6.82 / 10.0
Yuji Agatsuma is a lucky guy: His married older sister lives right near his university in Tokyo. He's not quite living on his own, but sharing an apartment with his sister, Aya, should be a snap... Except ni...
2007 - 6.88 / 10.0
1. The Virgin of Ageha 1 (鳳蝶の処女 第1話) Chief Maid 2. The Virgin of Ageha 2 (鳳蝶の処女 第2話) Childhood Friend's Younger Sister 3. The Virgin of Ageha 3 (鳳蝶の処女 第3...
2006 - 6.47 / 10.0
After acquiring the crème of the crop slave, an unimaginable adventure begins. A birth of a sexy-fantasy series that will rock your world! Original Webtoon
2015 - 6.51 / 10.0
By Muffin Mellow Translations: A manga picking up Yoshinaga and Takao's story a few years later. Takao, now a college graduate, starts up a small business with ex-classmates. However, the life of an adult i...
2014 - 6.67 / 10.0