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Ever since he was little, Akira wanted to be a rugby player. But since he lived on a tiny island with no other children, it was very difficult for him to learn how to play. In hopes of becoming useful to a r...
2010 - 7.44 / 10.0
When asked what her childhood dream was, Hiro responded that she wanted to be an "android". Later she goes onto explain why.
2002 - 6.45 / 10.0
Raised by Father Fujimoto, a famous exorcist, Rin Okumura never knew his real father. One day a fateful argument with Father Fujimoto forces Rin to face a terrible truth—the blood of the demon lord Satan r...
2009 - 8.26 / 10.0
Mayumi Dojima, a second-year student at the exclusive Yubiwa Academy middle school, has lost something - a star she glimpsed just once, ten long years ago. But help is on the way, in the form of the unoffici...
2016 - 6.36 / 10.0
Mayumi Doujima, a second-year student at Yubiwa Private Academy, is a girl on the hunt for a star that can only be seen once in every ten years. But it turns out that the “Pretty Boy Detectives Club”—a...
In a world full of magic, Asta—an orphan who is overly loud and energetic—possesses none whatsoever. Despite this, he dreams of becoming the Wizard King, a title bestowed upon the strongest mage in the C...
2015 - 7.44 / 10.0
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku Reprinted in bb's anthology Third Form alongside a newly drawn extra story
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku Reprinted in bb's anthology Fourth Form alongside newly drawn side story "BUILD-ING NIGHT"
2018 - 6.62 / 10.0
Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku * NOTE: read from left to right
2018 - 6.62 / 10.0
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku Reprinted in bb's anthology Second Form
2016 - 6.60 / 10.0
Pairing: Bakugou x Midoriya Reprinted in bb's anthology First Form
2015 - 6.59 / 10.0
Kitamura Koh has known the Tsukishima family for years. One of the Tsukishima daughters was even born on the exact same date as Koh! What will become of Koh when his best friend is no longer around? Cross G...
2005 - 8.72 / 10.0
The youthful days of a girl who rides a motorcycle, They are "DEKOBOKO" days which contains good and bad lucks. Yuki Mihara will keep running at full speed!
2014 - 6.75 / 10.0
Mai's dream was to be a soccer player and go to the World Cup, but being due to being unable to play anymore, that dream has now been entrusted to her childhood friend Harumi.
1999 - 6.42 / 10.0
The country of Japan is being terrorized by the undead, known as Revenants. Tachibana Kaguya makes it her life goal to protect her fellow citizens from these zombie-like creatures, just as her father did bef...
2013 - 6.92 / 10.0
Daigo wants to be a hero, but his father, once the ace of the Japanese team in handball, is a bum that loses all of their money in gambling. He goes to a coach and asks him to take care of his son, because h...
2006 - 6.46 / 10.0
It’s Re-chan and Fuyu-chan’s last day of high school. Raw
6.45 / 10.0
Inspired by his grandfather's skills, Kiriyama Kyoutarou's dream is to become a hairstylist. For that he enrolls in Yumemino Private Academy, also known as Tech High, the first combined technical high school...
2013 - 7.37 / 10.0
Shirou, an elite office worker, becomes the acting principal of 'Kirakira Nursery' after his grandmother gets hospitalized. At first, he has a hard time dealing with the children since he's not used to it, b...
2013 - 6.66 / 10.0
Ever since middle school, Takahiro Ozu was famous in the world of track and field as the "long jump specialist". But after losing his final competition in high school, he hung up his track shoes for good. No...
2000 - 7.34 / 10.0
Since he was young, Chiwa has been dreaming of returning to the Underground. He finally succeeded by joining the Special Forces unit of the police. "Great Raven" is made up of mostly Enhanced Humans who ha...
2012 - 6.99 / 10.0
Grotesque, Godzilla-like monsters called "kaijuu" have been appearing around Japan for many years. To combat these beasts, an elite military unit known as the Defense Corps risks their lives daily to protect...
2020 - 7.92 / 10.0
A collection of stories: 1. Having A Blind Dream By Your Side 2. Even Though You Love Me 3. Seto's Customers 4. Loneliness Spice 5. Everyday Life With Me, a Cat, and a Demon 6. Saudade of the Sky 7. 4/365 L...
2012 - 6.62 / 10.0