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Oneshot from the series Paicchu
2015 - 6.26 / 10.0
Simon, the ‘Do It Dude’, runs errands for people. One day he meets his childhood friend ‘Iris’, who works at a club, in the worst way possible… Official English Translation
2018 - 6.45 / 10.0
A collection of stories: 1. Derenai Note: Formely known as Derenashi 2. A Nyuugyuu Life (A Dairy Cow's Life) 3. One-Top Shoujo (One-Top Girl) 4. Derenai Family 5. Lucky Yui 6. Seishoku Room Service (Re...
2014 - 6.35 / 10.0
1. Bakumatsu: Outbreed (The Outbreeding of an Era) 2. Bakumatsu: Inbreeding of an Era 3. Bakumatsu: Mother Breed (End of an Era: Mother Breed) 4. Zoku Bakumatsu: Mother Breed (End of an Era: Mother Breed ...
2015 - 5.76 / 10.0
A collection of stories where by various means schoolgirls are forced to preform all kinds of messed up sex acts.
2017 - 6.18 / 10.0
2002 - 6.27 / 10.0
In this Jashin-chan Dropkick spinoff, Minos and the girls bar-hop searching for the most delectable cuts of meat they can find! May the meat and booze come aplenty!
2018 - 6.38 / 10.0
Spin off of Murenase about story of nonoka, a freshman bonobo, and a teacher Hana, a Holstein Cattle. When Nonoka is made a member of the healthcare committee, she must endure Hana's constant eroticism. Set ...
6.38 / 10.0
1. MILKING★EVERYDAY 2. Rescue! Hakui no Akuma-san 3. Akaname Furo e Yookoso! 4. Akaname, Heya ni Yookoso! 5. Osakanna Neko-san 6. Okusuri de Omitooshi! 7. Ashita Karaoke! 8. Hajimete no go Houshi (The F...
2011 - 6.58 / 10.0
Pink Sniper describes the adventures of a nurse who is working in a private college and who has made her goal to sexually harass any poor soul that ends up in her infirmary. That is until the day when a new ...
2001 - 7.40 / 10.0
1. Dokidoki! Ushikko Bokujou Monogatari ~After~ 2. Taimaden Ayame ~Inda no Miko~ 3. Manin! Shokusai no Chikan Ressha 4. Dokidoki! Ushikko Bokujou Monogatari (The Tale of a Cowgirl on a Farm) 5. Devil Eater 6...
2012 - 6.55 / 10.0
The strongest and oldest dragon who had lived through eternity allowed himself to be killed by Hero. Just as he prepared for eternal sleep, he realized himself reborn as Dran, a villager in the frontier. Wo...
2015 - 7.02 / 10.0
Bae Woong was once a strong and fit athlete – at least in his mind. Eager to get back to his old physique, he goes looking for a gym in the neighborhood. He stumbles upon one that seems oddly expensive and...
2019 - 7.09 / 10.0
Shizuku’s life gets destroyed because her dad can’t pay off his huge debts and had to sell her. - desudesu
2012 - 6.48 / 10.0
1. Mahou Mo Shoujo 30 2. Rinkanru Alpaca-ism (Gangrape Alpaca-ism) 3. Kami no Ie no Casino (Casino at Home) 4. Onene no TS Lotion (Onene's TS Lotion) The main character is a boy who has always wanted to be ...
2012 - 6.27 / 10.0
Jiho and Hyemi grew up like siblings. And Hyemi's best friend Dahee. The three were enjoying their daily lives in a small home. Then one day, Ji-ho introduces Da-hee as her sexy girl at a friend's provocatio...
2018 - 6.28 / 10.0
The protagonist wakes up after 200 years of hibernation and finds that human beings have been destroyed. All humanoid animal girls live on the wasteland. In order to survive, the protagonist must use his sci...