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“What are your thoughts on wearing a mask nowadays?” A romance is blooming between a suave salaryman and a kind-hearted punk (who happens to be the cutest convenience store clerk he’s ever seen)... but...
2020 - 6.81 / 10.0
We're friends, so... we should jerk each other off!? Seeing that part of Gabriel, unguarded, is making me lose my sanity! Dammit... He's not my type, but I can't stop myself...!
2017 - 6.54 / 10.0
On the day he was going to confess, his crush told him he got a sex partner…! Jisoo has a crush on his longtime friend, Seojin. When Seojin goes to meet a sex partner, Jisoo tags along. When the situation ...
2020 - 6.66 / 10.0
A 40 year old doctor living in Japan is suddenly transported to another world. And as a bonus, he's regained his youth! He almost loses all hope after being sold into slavery and experiencing the worst this ...
2020 - 6.92 / 10.0
When a boy appears out of nowhere in your room claiming he was a succubus, what do yo do? Shimizu, the Fallen Angel, knows the answer. A story about an insecure succubus and a sadistic Fallen Angel.
2015 - 6.26 / 10.0
To others, Sooho might appear a little strange. But to Sooho, there's much more to "life" than the average person may ever know. And that's because Sooho sees spirits. At first he thought his "abilities" wer...
2019 - 7.46 / 10.0
Read in English at Manga.Club Miyatake and Saijo, the tall freshmen from basketball club who always compete against each other on everything, have been hanging out together since junior high. After entering...
2013 - 6.68 / 10.0
Iori always liked Naoto, even though Naoto cannot accept the fact than someone from the same sex is in love with him. But seeing the sad expression on Iori´s face, he can no longer refuse Iori´s feelings.....
2006 - 7.04 / 10.0
On his 20th birthday, Sawamura Eita is kissed by his best friend. They were both a bit drunk at the time, so Eita is content to believe it was all a dream. But was it?
2016 - 6.31 / 10.0
Hase Akihisa was bullied for being an otaku, the chance to change his appearance and start anew in a different school appeared when his father had to transfer. Going around the school, he found a volume of ...
2017 - 7.47 / 10.0
Ayato transfers into a new school, hoping for a fresh start. Sadly for him, the school turns up to be filled with deliquents, and the most feared of them all has his eye set on him. And it doesn't help, that...
2016 - 6.82 / 10.0
On the first day of his new, part-time job at a bookstore, Shinobu encounters another staff member, Kobayashi. Kobayashi is cute, petite, loveable, and everything Shinobu finds himself wanting... even if the...
2006 - 6.72 / 10.0
Coronet has gained weight? It's time for a new diet!
2011 - 6.40 / 10.0
A boy with a troubled face and a cheeky senpai who does not remember him.. Serialized as "Ore wa Senpai no Nan Nan Desu ka?!"
2016 - 7.38 / 10.0
As a closeted gay man, Gyulwoo is 28 and single. He has a decent job but he’s lacking in the love department, too terrified to come out and ruin his career or reputation. Ready to live the rest of his life...
2019 - 6.57 / 10.0
Yuujirou Matsukaze has been close friends with Rui Hanamine since the two of them were children, and at that time, Yuujirou was the one who stood up for and took care of his adorable, soft-hearted friend. Bu...
2018 - 7.51 / 10.0
The sweet romance of the office unfolds in a world that has been animalized ♡ Daeun, who works as usual, hears the rumor that an employee from other companies will come and that they will carry out a proje...
2010 - 5.74 / 10.0
Gitaek always dreamed of being in a relationship with someone who’s his ideal preference: caring, thoughtful and has a good body. After being absent for a while, he goes to his club’s meeting room and fi...
2020 - 6.65 / 10.0
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya Shizuo fall sleep first before doing it... Izaya try but fall sleep too... then Shizuo wake up.
2012 - 6.98 / 10.0
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya Shizuo is speaking to izaya about a past year tournament when he went as a butler, asking him what could he do this year. After Shizuo decided to sing 'enka' izaya gets him a blue Ki...
2011 - 6.79 / 10.0
Pairing: Psyche x Tsugaru x Delic, Izaya x Shizuo Delic the last automaton is taught by Tsugaru and Psyque all they Know in very a direct way.
2010 - 6.51 / 10.0