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Awyn Gardner will do anything to protect the beautiful mistress of the equally beautiful estate gardens he lovingly tends…even enslave himself to an also beautiful demon bent on world domination! The fight...
2014 - 7.79 / 10.0
Girl 5: Holy Elf Licole Girl 4: Demon Girl Kugasari Girl 3: Oni Girl Kayonohime Girl 2: Beast Girl Laina Girl 1: Djinn Girl Merielle
2012 - 6.22 / 10.0
When an announcement about the end of the world reaches the ears of our protagonist Tanaka Gakuto, he decides he wants to die without any regrets. Rushing to confess to his crush, the beautiful, athletic, an...
2018 - 6.63 / 10.0
The daily story of some succubi.
2019 - 6.30 / 10.0
Compilation of short stories and the first 3 chapters of the "Mahou Shoujo Ichigo" series: 1. Mahou Shoujo Ichigo 2. Mahou Shoujo Mint 3. Sakura Testament 4. Nice Tutor 5. Getting Ready For The Pool 6. How ...
2006 - 6.44 / 10.0
1-8. Akuma de Konkatsu! 9. Fiat Lukas 10. Akuma no Sonogo
2008 - 6.80 / 10.0
Hiroyuki is a 16 year-old boy who is just starting a life of living on his own. He finds a great deal on a huge house for only 10,000 yen a month in rent. Sure the house is a little run down and perhaps even...
2002 - 7.23 / 10.0
Every 666 years in the Demon World, a fight to decide the next King the "Demon King Festival" is held. It is a battle royal fought with demons paired with human sorcerers. The demon Aini, carrying the desire...
2015 - 7.24 / 10.0
A fantasy love story about a demon princess who falls in love with a human boy! In order to fulfil their contract from long ago, Giselle descends into the human realm to find her partner, a human boy, Shiin...
2016 - 6.30 / 10.0
Brief full color oneshot about a guy and a succubus
2009 - 6.64 / 10.0
When an orphan encounters the eldritch demon Shub-Niggurath, the "Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young" offers him one wish. His request: "Become my big sister."
2016 - 7.73 / 10.0
The original H-doujinshi and sequel to the series that was adapted into non-H "Ane Naru Mono". A story about a boy and his demon elder sister.
2015 - 7.65 / 10.0
1. Angel Fall 2. Kemono Musume Bokujou Hanshokuki 3. Ishukan Kouhai Bokujou (Interracial Rape Breeding Farm) 4. Injuu Gakuen 5. Nikuheki Koushuu Benjo 6. Sanran Hara Bote☆Chindouchuu 7. Dryad Factory 8. In...
2013 - 6.20 / 10.0
The era for Black Gyarus is over, the Blue Gyaru is in!!! This is the tale of a brilliant but reviled celestial and a dim-witted though gorgeous demoness in the Heavenly Academy. Original Web Manga
2021 - 6.63 / 10.0
Soko starts feeling sick soon after moving to a new city, apparently for no reason. As beautiful as she is, a lot of guys start to bother her, especially Kashi. While trying to rape her, Kashi disappears and...
1992 - 7.67 / 10.0
1. Vigna's work at night 2. Vigna, Beach de no Kyuuka
1. Which Witch - Alice Side 2. Which Witch - Aria Side 3. Yume no Naka demo Aimashou 4. Beast Max 5. Bamb Love! 6. Heisei Hourouki (Chronicle of a Heisei Pleasuring Wolf) 7. Hell Come 8. Flick! Flick! 9. Vic...
2013 - 6.35 / 10.0
The manga centers on a second-year high school student who is standing in for his Catholic priest father to protect their church while his father is away. He saves a troubled beautiful young girl who is in f...
2017 - 6.49 / 10.0
My life of being continually abused by my parents ended when I was 18. The next time I opened my eyes, what awaited me was my life as the lowest class of demon “Ghoul”, protecting one of hell’s castle...
2016 - 7.12 / 10.0
In the Astriber: V.1 - Muteki Robo BS 09 V.2 - Uchuu Henjin Aiosu V.3 - Space Eroventure Kazama
1992 - 6.31 / 10.0
Detective Agutsu and a high school boy named Shino have recently taken notice of strange occurrences in Shibuya regarding disappearances of high school teenage girls. Shino believes that this may be related ...
1999 - 6.49 / 10.0