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Yu Bona is no ordinary mom returning to the office after maternity leave. For her first assignment back she heads to a rooftop, points a sniper rifle at her target in a nearby hotel room, and "bang!" the leg...
2020 - 6.86 / 10.0
This work is a story about a boy, Rwanda, whose mother is a vicious murderer, set in England at the end of the 19th century. Rwanda, who has long been confined in the basement, grew up and left the house aft...
2020 - 6.79 / 10.0
Follow the most feared assassin in the Italian mafia and see what he does on his days off. Original Webcomic
2021 - 6.69 / 10.0
The mysterious hitman moves in the dark society.
Yo Hinomura was an ordinary Japanese potter when a run-in with a Chinese mafia changed his life forever. Now an assassin for the 108 Dragons, Yo is the perfect killing machine. As a sign for remorse over his...
1986 - 7.09 / 10.0
For four decades, Golgo 13 has been the world's greatest assassin for hire. Sometimes to settle a private score, and sometimes to change history. His real name and nationality are unknown but his legend is e...
1968 - 7.38 / 10.0
Haegu, a proficient and merciless hitwoman, executes a man in front of his own daughter and takes the child under her wing. She decides to name her Mian, the word for "sorry" in Korean, and gives her one mis...
2021 - 6.63 / 10.0
A boy, Himeyama Kiichi, who is fascinated by the eyes of the moment he dies. While repeating the homicide to satisfy the desire, as the next target to attack the God treasure (か み か み 神) of the Fat...
2015 - 6.60 / 10.0
A hotel for hitmen.
2021 - 6.66 / 10.0
David Kim, the number one killer in the Shanghai assassination gang 'The Watershed'. One day, by order of a relay, David assassinates the head of China's largest corporate ambidextrous group. However, after...
2021 - 6.34 / 10.0
(From Solstice Translations) Ji Ziyang, a genius hitman from the 21st century, accidentally transmigrated into ancient China as useless garbage who’s always bullied. His background in this new life wasn’...
A story that depicts the exploits of ancient China's most revered judge, Lord Bao, and his equally legendary companions...with a modern twist! Original Web Comic
2014 - 6.53 / 10.0
Breaking News: Professional killer Joo Tae Man fell in love with Korea's favorite actor, Kang Da Hyuk! Professional killer Joo Tae-man has endured extreme physical training, mental education, and cruel tortu...
2021 - 6.98 / 10.0
Murder Inc., a notorious hit group, whose existence itself is veiled and boasts considerable power among the mafia with their perfect workmanship, is run by Eugene—codename Mr. Nero, who is also the best h...
2020 - 6.73 / 10.0
2004 - 6.69 / 10.0
She is an assassin for hire because she needs the money. Like a chameleon, she is capable of transforming herself a numerous amount of times. To anyone that ends up meeting her, only death awaits them... Or...
2016 - 6.31 / 10.0
Taro Sakamoto was the ultimate assassin, feared by villains and admired by hitmen. But one day...he fell in love! Retirement, marriage, fatherhood and then... Sakamoto gained weight! The chubby guy who runs ...
2020 - 7.41 / 10.0
Marco was a fearsome hitman known in Italy as "T.O. (The Oracle) of Florence". He never failed a single mission and never faltered. That is, until he saw a very cute anime figure... Comic Walker releases Se...
Fujiyoshi Urasaburou is a world-famous spy who travels all over the world. However, after being targeted by the legendary hitman "RED", he starts working as a part-time leader in a convenience store in a rur...
2021 - 6.46 / 10.0
Original Pixiv Comic
2020 - 6.57 / 10.0