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Alone in his dorm on a Saturday night, Nekomi Tech's Keiichi Morisato dials a wrong number that will change his life forever: reaching the Goddess Technical Help Line. Granted one wish by the charming young ...
1988 - 8.22 / 10.0
Machiko, who lives in Sakai City, Niigata Prefecture, is an otaku girl who is a big fan of the magical girl Berry Blossom who protects the city against the evil organisation Fossa Magna. However, nobody was ...
Compilation of short stories and the first 3 chapters of the "Mahou Shoujo Ichigo" series: 1. Mahou Shoujo Ichigo 2. Mahou Shoujo Mint 3. Sakura Testament 4. Nice Tutor 5. Getting Ready For The Pool 6. How ...
2006 - 6.45 / 10.0
Ichigo Hoshimiya and her friends are students at Starlight Academy, where they do Idol Activities aiming to become the Top Idol and make people happy. This is an all colour manga series.
Chacha is the disciple of the world's greatest magician, Seravy. However, she herself is still anything but great. An apprentice witch, Chacha always manages to mess up her spells and bring about disaster. W...
1992 - 7.71 / 10.0
Alice Seno seems like a normal girl in high school. She's a bit shy, she's got a crush on a boy named Kyou, and she's got an older sister who is more popular than she is... pretty normal stuff, until Alice h...
2001 - 7.26 / 10.0
Alice Asahina is a high school student interested in the Tarot, reading the future and fortune, and so on. One day there is a rain of meteors and a strange rabbit falls while she was watching the rain. The r...
2006 - 7.16 / 10.0
In a world where only females are born with the ability to wield magic, a boy, Americano (Amel), is the only exception. In this world, he must conceal his gender to protect his legitimacy. From the prestigio...
2014 - 7.58 / 10.0
In spite of his large build, Momo loves ribbons, the colour pink, and many other things which better suit girls with delicate figures. Yukino, his best friend, was his only support and was also the only pe...
Pure Azurite is a "cool blue" magical knight. Problem is, she doesn't really like being one.
2020 - 7.14 / 10.0
High school freshman, Aoi Rio, has a secret that can't be told to anyone. He actually watches "Magical Girls" anime! On his way back home after secretly buying anime merchandise as usual, he saves a girl nam...
2020 - 6.82 / 10.0
An ancient seal has been broken, sending a flood of demons into the mortal realm. Hizuru Oborozuki and Takuya Hijou, descendants of the great savior who banished the demons in the past, must fight the evil s...
2001 - 5.70 / 10.0
Hoshizora Riaru has always dreamt of becoming a magical girl. Original Twitter Comic
2021 - 6.62 / 10.0
The life of a 20 year old former magical girl after retirement.
Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna a talking cat who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice in the name of the Moon and the myst...
1991 - 8.20 / 10.0
In the future, a man named Sakura is destined to create the technology for eternal life which, due to Sakura's lolicon tendencies, freezes all women's aging once they turn twelve. God refuses to allow this, ...
2004 - 6.87 / 10.0
One day, the main character Chiyu unexpectedly is able to see something mysterious…!?
The 502nd JFW's members are packed together and running amok! And instead of fighting the neuroi it seems they're starting to fight with each other!? Come experience the 502nd JFW's daily life that you won't...
2016 - 6.30 / 10.0
“'I’ll create a witch!!” During the 17th century, the German alchemist Johann Schultz successfully created a witch. He then injected that power into his own blood. In the present day, as a result of a...
2003 - 6.76 / 10.0
The survey I filled out during class actually happened to be a Magical Girl contract. But something feels a bit off about this whole Magical Girl thing... Original Webtoon Official English Translation
A slice-of-life story where Madoka and the other magical girls work at a cake café.
2012 - 6.61 / 10.0
In the land of Carat, a battle for the queen’s throne and the prince’s hand in marriage is up and coming. Yuni and Melissa are chosen as candidates for the throne and until a winner is determined, the p...
2007 - 7.28 / 10.0