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Collection of Stories/One-shots: 1. Classmate wa... 2. Classmate wa... Nama Housou (My Classmate Is a Public Entertainer) 3-4. Dousou (The Same School) 5. 151-93 6. Rush 7. Sea Side 8. Brother Complex 9. Ky...
2009 - 6.61 / 10.0
It's the start of their senior year, and Shiika happens to be in the same class as a guy named Megumi. It's a mystery to her why his voice echoes through her mind.
2008 - 7.55 / 10.0
These are stories that deal with being an underage mother and how the characters dealt with the situation. by Forbidden Garden: a series of oneshots: We are merely 17 years old and in love. And then I sudd...
2005 - 6.29 / 10.0
Another tender love story which fails to run smoothly from Kawachi Yukari! This is a one volume "novel" type manga. Rui will be a model, and Tougo will be a painter - the two young childhood friends dream ab...
1999 - 6.20 / 10.0
In the immediate future, a giant meteorite has collided with earth. All living organisms, including mankind, have been wiped off the face of the planet. The government, who had foreseen this outcome, took me...
2001 - 8.73 / 10.0
A 65-year-old salaryman Etsuki Tomokazu who is approaching retirement, comes home one day to hear a shocking declaration from his wife Yuko who is near 70, “I’m pregnant!” The couple struggle with whet...
2016 - 6.56 / 10.0
Souko and Yuki are childhood friends. Despite their youth, the love between them develops into a serious relationship. But the terrible secret Souko hides prompts her into later abandoning Yuki. Now living ...
2009 - 6.03 / 10.0
A young woman meets an old friend she once kept a secret for.
2019 - 6.55 / 10.0
Official English Translation
“It is said that when a martial exponent reached the highest state of divinity of their arts, they are able to transcend into Celestials, overcoming the limitation of life and death. And as Celestials, the...
2016 - 6.92 / 10.0
Let's just say Jinwoo and Seyoung got off to a rocky start. Not knowing Seyoung would be living in a company dorm with a male employee, her direct superior at that, she barged into his room thinking it was h...
2017 - 7.80 / 10.0
On the day of my father’s farewell ceremony, my mother secretly communicated with my most trusted professor! After many years, I reunited with the professor again. The professor has two more beautiful wome...
2020 - 6.31 / 10.0
When a forgetful man forgets everything, will he lose everything in the end?
2013 - 7.76 / 10.0
When the innocent Young Lady Tang Youer accidentally barges in on Commander Cheng Hanyu’s blind date, she instantly becomes his romantic target. With not much effort, she is taken as his wife, but good day...
2020 - 6.30 / 10.0
Hitoe doesn't like the way the punkish college student down the block is eyeing her - but what she doesn't know is with one clap of his hands she's turned into an obedient pet who'll satisfy him to his heart...
2019 - 6.44 / 10.0
A young girl becomes the princess in a foreign kingdom and vies for the cold prince's love despite the obstacles that stand between them. Original Webtoon Official English Translation
2018 - 6.72 / 10.0
Warning: contains bestiality.
5.64 / 10.0
Alessandra needed to confess the truth to Christian Marcos, a handsome European billionaire. In the midst of the bustling party, she is able to find him immediately. Ever since she was a young girl, she has ...
2017 - 6.55 / 10.0
It all starts when a sexually frustrated female teacher, walks in on students having sex on school grounds, and starts to masturbate instead of what she should have done in this situation. But then suddenly ...
2012 - 7.66 / 10.0
Yuji Agatsuma is a lucky guy: His married older sister lives right near his university in Tokyo. He's not quite living on his own, but sharing an apartment with his sister, Aya, should be a snap... Except ni...
2007 - 6.88 / 10.0