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This story is about Shinonome Hajime, an adventurer of Silver Range. He's dedicated to fulfilling missions from the guild. One day when completing a quest for monster meat, he finds a strange girl named Lily...
2016 - 7.18 / 10.0
King as the male lead. The King has charged Seirin for libel as the scenes in the novel didn't occur in real life. Believing that the Queen was the only reader of the novel, the King swears on his magical ge...
2021 - 6.24 / 10.0
The daily story of some succubi.
2019 - 6.37 / 10.0
Fujimaru is your average adolescent boy - horny and girl-crazed. Like many boys his age, he enjoys spending ‘alone time’ in the bathroom with erotic magazines, doing… you know. Unlike many boys his age...
2005 - 8.04 / 10.0
When a boy appears out of nowhere in your room claiming he was a succubus, what do yo do? Shimizu, the Fallen Angel, knows the answer. A story about an insecure succubus and a sadistic Fallen Angel.
2015 - 6.14 / 10.0
A comedy about a crybaby devil who is really not suited for the position and its duties.
2016 - 6.91 / 10.0
Note: Only first volume released in print.
2018 - 6.45 / 10.0
Brief full color oneshot about a guy and a succubus
2009 - 6.65 / 10.0
1. Angel Fall 2. Kemono Musume Bokujou Hanshokuki 3. Ishukan Kouhai Bokujou (Interracial Rape Breeding Farm) 4. Injuu Gakuen 5. Nikuheki Koushuu Benjo 6. Sanran Hara Bote☆Chindouchuu 7. Dryad Factory 8. In...
2013 - 6.21 / 10.0
Succubus Aroma-chan is so shy, well not really, but she can't confess to the person she likes! "Then, what if I just invade Yuuma-kun's dream and seduce him...?" Tonight, an ero-dream that cannot be seen b...
2017 - 6.20 / 10.0
"Original" doujinshi by the circle Goraku Hiroba.
2012 - 6.52 / 10.0
Cafe manager Arata is almost 30, and he can't get girls because he's just too big! But, everything changes when he meets Shinya, a serious and way-too-innocent college-student who also happens to be a rare f...
2019 - 7.29 / 10.0
Anthology of one-shots by different authors featuring monster girls. Vol 10 • Onikko Aftercare (鬼っ娘アフターケア) by UNO Ryoku
2012 - 6.51 / 10.0
A young man looking into a room for rent discovers his landlords, a widow and her daughter, are not what they may appear to be. Fair and square warning : this is EXTREME hentai, with very rough sex, massive...
2006 - 7.47 / 10.0
A full color manga about Mary, a demon who gets her strength from sucking the very life from her unsuspecting lovers, and is embroiled in an all out demonic war in Shibuya.
2002 - 7.03 / 10.0
Compilation of succubus stories originally released as doujin and then compiled in a volume of the same name. 0 - Short Story Bonuses 1 - I'm a Servant to These Small Succubi (Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no S...
2019 - 6.46 / 10.0
The story of Twiska, who is a succubus. Twiska enjoys visiting local towns and draining the villagers of their cum. Everything is going along well until she encounters Theo, the legendary Hero destined to d...
2007 - 7.66 / 10.0
Original Web Manga
2019 - 6.37 / 10.0
His harem consists of demi-human girls? I was forced to withdraw from my world to learn magic with an alchemist. While learning, I come upon a moment that only with my eyes could make any girl fall in love.
2016 - 5.76 / 10.0
1. Newaza de Ippon (Secret move gets a score on the ground) 2. Amayadori 3. Ayu-chan no Kawa Tanken (Ayu-chan's River Expedition) 4. Onnanoko Kaika 5. Naisho no Kaihou♥ (Secret Nursing♥) 6. Itazura Ichig...
2018 - 6.40 / 10.0
1. Milky Succubus Lilly 0 2. Milky Succubus Lilly 3. The Secret Soap Club of Momoyuri Academy 4. Milky Succubus Lilly 2 5. The Secret Soap Club of Momoyuri Academy 6. Milky Succubus Lilly 3 7. Kichiku ...
2013 - 6.33 / 10.0
Chihira is an ordinary boy looking to lose his innocence. One day,his "succubus blood" awakens,which means he now needs to steal other men's vitality in order to survive. He desperately asks his best friend ...
2018 - 6.85 / 10.0
Bold titles have been scanlated. CL-orz'01 - KiMiKiSS CL-orz'02 - Final Fantasy IV CL-orz'03 - Dragon Quest V CL-orz 04 - Amagami CL-orz 05 - Amagami CL-orz 06 - Neon Genesis Evangelion CL-orz 07 - Dream C ...
2007 - 7.14 / 10.0