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In 12 months you'll be invited into the life of a group of students who discover with joy and sadness the meaning of "Love."
2002 - 6.38 / 10.0
2016 - 6.33 / 10.0
"I can’t stop... if you make that expression." My thoughts are dissipating from the heat... The dripping sweat and his tongue use is making me melt... cumming… Official English Translation
2017 - 6.63 / 10.0
This volume contains 4 separate but delightful short stories: 1. Bónd(z) It isn't unheard of to sleep with your friends after having too much to drink. However, when that friend happens to be a guy as well...
2003 - 8.19 / 10.0
Takumi Kaizu is a normal high school student enjoying his final year in school with the rest of his friends. Over the years, he has made good memories with these friends of his, most of whom are girls, thoug...
Original Twitter Comic
2021 - 6.47 / 10.0
A day to remember...
2019 - 6.65 / 10.0
Original Twitter Comic
2021 - 6.47 / 10.0
If I could describe it in a few words, I’d say “poetic”, “lonely”, and “deliberate”. There’s a touch of the sadness that comes at the end of summer, the transition into cold and quiet. It fee...
1975 - 5.54 / 10.0
How long can a 'childhood friendship' last? This is the story of those two who are close yet distant.
2007 - 7.40 / 10.0
Sakura Ai has always loved sunflowers, as they appear like the sun, which incidentally also was the name of her first crush, Taiyou, in the 3rd grade. From since then, Ai has never had another love and has a...
2009 - 7.79 / 10.0
Every summer Shougo goes to the beach, where he works for his grandfather at a beach hut. On the way there, he sees a beautiful red-headed girl walking alongside the road. He never thought he would see her a...
2005 - 7.09 / 10.0
While testing his 8 mm camera at night in his small town, Kaito Kirishima is caught in a mysterious explosion. Strangely, Kaito wakes up the next day perfectly fine, but with no recollection of what exactly ...
2012 - 6.84 / 10.0
Natsumi Touma is sixteen years old. She began to work part-time at a coffee shop during the summer vacation when she was a first-year student of high school. However, the shop is a dubious place where Natsum...
2006 - 7.00 / 10.0
Yui has a deep love for her "older brother" (they're not actually siblings, but are related), and she is devastated when he gets married. While at the wedding, Yui meets a sobbing boy, Kaoru. It turns out th...
2008 - 7.41 / 10.0
Rio was looking forward to spending her summer vacation in Tokyo, meeting boys and going out with friends. But after a change of plans forces her to stay the (whole!!) summer with her grandmother in the coun...
2013 - 7.07 / 10.0
When two gal pals go on a road trip, anything can happen! Sayumi and Hide are two friends cursed with the same fate: They're both stuck in dead-end relationships, and neither can find her way out. When they ...
2001 - 6.72 / 10.0
A love story of a university student who is on summer vacation and a manager of a 'Kominka' cafe. Official Korean (Lezhin)
2017 - 7.00 / 10.0
Hurt by her ex's complaint that she's too dull, Olivia decides to shed her conservative persona. And what better place to start than her company party? But after a few too many drinks Olivia winds up seducin...
It was a summer when even breathing was hard due to the heat. The air conditioner in An Kyungsoo's room was long broken. As a replacement, his landlord sent him a humanoid air conditioner that is all the rag...
2018 - 7.38 / 10.0
Compilation of short stories, all but the last one are about the same couple. • Binetsu Shuukan (Week of Mild Fever) Wakui Satoru is a senior staff in the company who looks out for Asano Keiji. The moment...
2006 - 7.08 / 10.0