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Dr. Ranmaru might seem a little too lighthearted and lecherous for a doctor, but he becomes dead serious when it comes to the health of his patients. No one knows, though, that after hours he becomes dead se...
1998 - 6.17 / 10.0
Akiyoshi Wataru is your average student. He attends cram school, hangs out with his friends and does what boys his age do: Go after girls. One day a particular girl, Iwashita Ayane, catches his attention in ...
2008 - 6.94 / 10.0
Uhauha Kazuo is a salaryman who lives with his five girlfriends, each one has a different personality. The story begins when they start pressuring their boyfriend to choose who will be his wife.
2011 - 6.40 / 10.0
You are now the protagonist! The secret of the 15 minutes is revealed. Am I in a dream? Can I really do whatever I want When the time stops for 15 minutes? Original Webtoon Official English Translation
2018 - 6.10 / 10.0
15 beauties drifted on a desert island. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones on the island. Will they be able to escape the island?
2015 - 6.38 / 10.0
Third year middle school student Anna has begun living with fourth year college student Ema, and is swung about by the tactless Ema. Drawn in by the romantic designs of Ema, the once perfectly ordinary Anna ...
2012 - 6.16 / 10.0
The manga is about a love between three people, in particular a woman who marries two men.
2018 - 6.05 / 10.0
Original Webtoon: Lezhin, MrBlue, Comico
Original Webtoon (Toomics) Original Webtoon (Toptoon) Original Webtoon (Lezhin)
2019 - 6.45 / 10.0
Original Webtoon: Lezhin, Comico
Six months in to their marriage, Youngsu and his wife, has no time for sex because his wife is too busy with work. One day, they decide to do some camping to relieve some stress and maybe to address their ma...
2022 - 6.23 / 10.0
So that girl finally grew up? My neighbor Jieun suddenly came to share my room and motivate me sexually. I am Haeyoung, a student who is motivated because I will finally be able to have sex with my girlfrien...
2020 - 6.46 / 10.0
Mr. Kim, a broke guy in his 40’s, suddenly wins the lottery and decides to go get what he’s always wanted first… Original Webtoon Official English
2019 - 6.49 / 10.0
Original Webtoon (Removed)
Original Webtoon: Mootoon, Lezhin, Comico
2020 - 6.36 / 10.0
Let's just say Jinwoo and Seyoung got off to a rocky start. Not knowing Seyoung would be living in a company dorm with a male employee, her direct superior at that, she barged into his room thinking it was h...
2017 - 7.81 / 10.0
On the day of my father’s farewell ceremony, my mother secretly communicated with my most trusted professor! After many years, I reunited with the professor again. The professor has two more beautiful wome...
2020 - 6.30 / 10.0
─ When I was tapping her cheating sex scene, she laughed and killed the other man. ──── Kana-san, an older busty beauty, was finally made by me as a junk person. I don't know how old I am or where ...
2017 - 6.30 / 10.0
After my family moved to Australia, I decided to move into a house with four women... Original Webtoon Official English Translation
Sung-hoon’s parents hire a private tutor to help him prepare for the University entrance exam, but what his parents don’t know is that this private tutor uses unconventional methods as an incentive to he...
2020 - 6.43 / 10.0
On his first moving day, Ji-han, who became the owner of some Officetel, Accidentally meets Yoon Na-ri, who was abusive with him in high school. ¿But it seems like it's a little different than before? "Sir,...
2021 - 6.59 / 10.0
Original Webtoon
"I know you shouldn't be greedy, but I can't help it. I even married his son to be with him. I can't give up my father-in-law. Never..." Hye-won, a new daughter-in-law, just got married. Her eyes, however, a...
2019 - 6.19 / 10.0
“Suna”, a naive woman who has never met a man, and “Ji-gon,” a night-time writer with no female experience!! ‘Would you like to write a night story together?’
2020 - 6.45 / 10.0